Sexual Health

Top Tips For Maintaining Sexual Health and Wellness

How do you feel about your sexual and mental health? The way you feel about yourself has a big impact on your sex life.

This includes everything from your body to how you gender identify and your sexuality overall – to how you feel about your relationship and your job.

Sexual Health is something that can be maintained with regular attention just like brushing your teeth or eating healthy foods, when you do not take care of yourself the first person it will affect is you. Then it begins to affect the most important people in your life, your partner, your family and friends.

Nobody else knows what feels good to you, what worries you, or what you are curious about except you.

At Seductive Pleasure we want you to be healthy and happy sexually so we are sharing some idea to include in your solo routine.

Stay Satisfied.

Who does not enjoy masturbating? It’s a great way to stay in touch with your own body and this is very true for single people and partnered people.

It does not matter who you share your body with, at the end of the day your body belongs to you and you should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to pleasure yourself from time to time.

Taking your pleasure into your own hands is sometimes one of the best ways to explore your own sexuality and if you would rather not use your hands there are some incredible sex toys that we deliver in our Solo Subscription Boxes for Men and Solo Subscription Boxes for Women.

If you are new to masturbation, touching yourself in the shower is a great way to start a regular routine of personal sexual health. Always check in first with your body under the water and notice how you feel, then go for it!

Stay Curious.

Does your sex life feel like it is getting stale? Perhaps sex has become so routine that it is missing that spark of excitement?

If you are feeling a lack of excitement, then it might be the best time to try some new things on your own time. Solo Playtime with our Solo Sex Toy Subscription Boxes is a great starting place.

Sexual Health is all about staying in touch with your own personal desires, so if you want to try something new Solo Play is a great way to do this.

Perhaps try watching a porn video you would normally never watch, try achieving an orgasm within any toys or perhaps with sex toys – sometimes thinking outside the box is a great way to come up with new ideas!

Ultimately when it comes to Sexual Health it is about building trust with yourself sexually. What does this mean? It means that you need to pursue the things that turn you on, so be bold try new things and do not be too hard on yourself if you do not reach climax.

It all begins with being curious about new experiences.

Stay Sexually and Mentally Healthy.

By keeping your sexual health strong with regular moments for self-love, consider reading articles about sexual fantasies and taboos or listening to podcasts about sexual liberation.

Mental Health is very important too.

If you feel good about yourself, you will enjoy sex even more, so remember to take a break and connect with friends. Give some love to your body even if you do not reach orgasm.

We recommend each week, take some time out of your busy life to take care of your sexual health: stay curious, appreciate your body and satisfy yourself when nobody else is looking, unless you are into that *wink*.

At Seductive Pleasure we are committed to helping singles and couples explore their fantasies in an exciting and enjoyable way.

So what are you waiting for?

Our Sex Toy Subscription Boxes could be just what you have been searching for to discover new pleasures you never thought were possible.

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