Sexual Health

Sexual Wellness: Why Is It Important?

Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Health impact on your overall Sexual Wellness.

Are you enjoying the best sex of your life?

At Seductive Pleasure we are passionate about helping our subscribers as well as men, women and couples around the world enjoy their sex lives by maintaining their sexual health and wellness.

Feeling confident in your own skin and happy with yourself personally and physically contributes to your overall sexual wellness so we’ve done some research and are going to share how you can get back on track with your sexual health and wellness for even more enjoyable sex!

So… Why is Sexual Wellness Important?

Sexual Wellness is made up of four areas that includes sexuality (intimacy and relationships), sensuality, gender/sexual identity and sexual health.

Your sexual wellness is impacted by your spirituality, personal values, lived experiences and cultural background; as well as your mental health. If you have ever experienced a bad day you have most likely found that this has made its way into the bedroom and takes sex off the agenda.

Negative and unhealthy associations with sex can harm your relationships, quality of life and well-being. At Seductive Pleasure we understand that everyone’s sexuality is unique which is why we created adult subscription boxes for Couples and sex toy subscription boxes for Singles designed for your body not your gender.

When your sexual wellness is taken care of, you will find that your immune system, quality of sleep and overall physical help improves too along with a reduction in depression and anxiety.

Are you satisfied sexually? Do you respect your body and mind? Let’s explore ways to improve your Sexual Wellness.

1. Educate Your Body and Mind.

It is not uncommon that many men and women missed out on a proper sex education and the conversations around sexuality and pleasure were never encouraged. Many people are told that sex is for making babies and not for having fun, which if you ask us is a little restrictive. If you treat sex like a chore or a mission you will never be able to relax and enjoy yourself.

At Seductive Pleasure Box we deliver adult toy subscription boxes every month filled with sex toys to help you explore your sexuality with easy to read how-to guides to achieve the best pleasure possible.

We also recommend you look into Sexual Wellness Books and Podcasts to get a deeper understanding of your sexuality and discover more about how you can liberate your body and explore your desires.

2. Explore Your Body.

Exploring your body is a form of education but one that is physical. Simply by opening your body up to exploring what brings you pleasure in areas like your clitoris, vagina, G-Spot or Prostate; will help you discover how your unique self experiences pleasure.

At Seductive Pleasure we deliver premium sex toys to your door that will help you explore and experience pleasure in ways you have never tried. Did you know as you get older sexual arousal becomes more difficult for men and women so the use of sex toys for couples can really help.

3. Communication is Key.

The word ‘communication’ is not really a sex word, but it is the secret ingredient to amazing sex and pleasure. By engaging in mutual consent, understanding boundaries and openly discussing pleasure with your partner or giving yourself permission to explore; will help you increase sexual satisfaction and in turn improve your sexual wellness.

We believe that you and your sexual partners should feel comfortable communicating what you need from each other emotionally and physically to enjoy the best sex of your lives and at Seductive Pleasure we provide adult subscription boxes for couples that encourage open communication.

Sexual Wellness is something that you need to maintain throughout your life to live a happy and healthy sex life. We know from experience that there is not a one-size fits all approach to this which is why we have created adult subscription boxes tailored to your body, not your sexuality or gender.

At Seductive Pleasure we believe Sexual Pleasure is an adventure, whether you explore on your own with our Solo Subscription Boxes or with your lover with our Couples Subscription Boxes, we want your journey to be exciting!

So… Get Ready To Say Yes! Yes! Yes! Simply Choose Your Preference, Wait Until Your Box Arrives Each Month, Unbox and Start Exploring!

So what are you waiting for?

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