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Solo Tips for Women: How to Fully Embrace Masturbation and Get to Know Your Body

Although many women these days are super in touch with their bodies on an intimate level, others still have yet to lean into masturbation in the same way. Some are still recovering from strict upbringings that taught them to see solo pleasure as dirty or wrong. Others just aren’t quite sure where to start or perhaps simply want to elevate the experiences they’re already having.

Whatever camp you belong to, one thing’s for sure. Making in-depth solo pleasure a regular part of your intimate routine has many benefits. Here’s a closer look at how you can get started in the right direction and take your own play sessions to the next level.

Set aside a block of time

Although there’s nothing wrong with a quick impromptu masturbation session that’s strictly about getting off and not much more, you don’t have to rush through things. In fact, it’s better that you don’t rush if you’re serious about getting more out of your experiences.

One great way to start reframing how you think about solo pleasure is to occasionally block off time for yourself and dedicate it solely to self-pleasure and self-exploration. Approach it the way you would a rendezvous with a lover. Make plans, get excited, and look forward to all the fun you know you will have.

Get yourself in the mood

Sometimes you’re seriously just ready to go right out of the gate, especially if you’ve been looking forward to a little alone time. But taking the time to really get in the mood can only make your experience more delicious. Remember, a woman’s most sensitive erogenous zone is her mind.

Porn isn’t just for men, so that’s always one way to go – especially when it comes to exploring fantasies and scenarios you’re curious about. But many women prefer the descriptiveness and beauty of erotica or even just a sweet, indulgent fantasy session starring their partner or a favorite celeb. There are no wrong answers here, so lean into whatever turns you on.

Experiment with different types of touch

Although every woman is different regarding the stimulation types that turn her on most, pretty much all women respond well to direct clitoral stimulation, especially when orgasm is the goal. So, whether you’re new to masturbation, start there.

Experiment with different ways to stimulate your clit. Some women prefer direct stimulation, while others find it too intense and prefer to stimulate through the clitoral hood instead. Some enjoy rubbing themselves in a circular motion, while others like stroking it from the side or something else entirely. Try different techniques, speeds, and approaches until you figure out what works best for you.

Think beyond the clit

Your clitoris may be the most direct avenue to take when you’re looking to get serious about pleasure, but it’s definitely not the only show in town. Your breasts, nipples, thighs, and stomach are also incredibly sensitive, so be sure to pay plenty of attention to them when you’re hunting for new erogenous zones.

And when you’re ready, internal stimulation is well worth exploring, as well. Use your fingers to explore your entire vulva, including the inner workings of your vagina. And don’t leave your backdoor out in the cold, either. Your anal area is packed with sensitive nerve endings that can significantly enhance and elevate your pleasure sessions when stimulated alongside your clit, G-spot, and other sensitive areas.

Add a toy to the mix

Although there’s nothing wrong with exploring your body the all-natural way, toys are too good to miss out on – especially if your ultimate goal is to get to know your body better and fully understand how it experiences pleasure. If you’re unsure what to start with, small, versatile, approachable options like vibrating bullets is a good choice.

Start by using your toy to explore the obvious places – your clitoris, your vagina, and the rest of your vulva. Then experiment with other body parts. Many women find they love how a vibrator feels against nearly any sensitive area of their bodies, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Keep exploring

Once you’ve got the hang of masturbating and discovered more about what you like as far as stimulation, technique, and so forth, look for fun ways to continue your sexual exploration. Try more different toys on for size. Seek out specific options you like the idea of, or encourage yourself to branch out even further by signing up for a toy subscription from a service like Seductive Pleasure Box.

Play to your heart’s content. Keep the fun just between you and the four walls of your private bedroom, or bring your partner on board with the fun. It’s your party, so you call the shots.

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5 Expert Tips for Pushing Your Sexual Boundaries

Whether you have a regular sex partner or are simply flying solo for the time being, there’s something to be said for figuring out what works and sticking with it when you just want a straight shot to Orgasm Town. But it’s essential to question and even push your sexual boundaries from time to time, as well.

People’s likes, dislikes, and bodies can change over the years in many ways, and challenging your boundaries ensures you’re still in touch with Pushing sexual boundaries can help keep sex fun, fresh, and exciting. And it’s a very effective way to keep yourself from falling into a bedroom rut, especially when life gets hectic. what feels best to you. Pushing sexual boundaries can help keep sex fun, fresh, and exciting. And it’s a very effective way to keep yourself from falling into a bedroom rut, especially when life gets hectic. Here are some tips for doing it right.

1.      Commit to exploring your back door

You’d be surprised how many otherwise sexually adventurous people have never explored their anal area (or their partner’s). Some are put off by it because they think of it as an inherently dirty area. Others are worried it will hurt or otherwise feel unpleasant, but none of those things is true.

Everyone has an anal area packed with sensitive nerve endings just waiting to be stimulated, so it’s well worth exploring yours. Anal play doesn’t hurt if you use plenty of lube and wait until you’re fully aroused and relaxed to try actual penetration. And dirtiness is far less of a problem than you likely realize, so try it. You won’t be sorry.

2.      Channel your hidden exhibitionist

Just to be clear, it’s crucial not to deliberately involve others in your sexual escapades without their consent, and you really want to be careful not to get caught. But getting a little (or a lot) frisky in public is an exhilarating way to push your boundaries and get far enough out of your usual way to keep things exciting.

So start looking for ways to get back in touch with your inner teenager. Try getting it on in your backyard or on your balcony after the sun goes down. Find a scenic place to park and get frisky in your car, just like you did in high school. Invest in a small, discreet, remote-controlled sex toy you can play around with in public without anyone else catching on. You’ll be glad you did!

3.      Confess your naughtiest fantasies

Although no one should ever feel pressured to do anything they truly aren’t okay with, challenging yourself to try something that makes you a little uncomfortable (in a healthy way) can be fantastic for your sex life. Sharing your most illicit fantasies with your partner (and listening without judgment as they share theirs) can be nerve-wracking but also a massive turn-on.

So definitely consider sitting down with your partner, committing to a judgment-free exchange, and swapping pet fantasies with one another. If you’re more comfortable, you can start small and build your way up to the racier scenarios. Add any that you both like to a running list you can refer to in the future when you’re in the mood to spice things up a bit.

4.      Round out your toy collection

Most people and couples these days have at least one or two go-to sex toys they like to reach for when they want to bring a little extra stimulation into the mix. (Accessible, versatile options like magic wands, vibrating bullets, and vibrating cock rings are just a few popular picks most couples have tried.) But if you’re serious about pushing boundaries more often, there’s nothing like a well-stocked toy chest to help things along.

Start with what you already have, and then make a plan for adding new items. Set a standing date with one another to shop for new toys together according to an ongoing schedule. And if life’s too busy or hectic for you to guarantee being available for that, consider subscribing to a curated monthly service like Seductive Pleasure Box. That way, all you need to do is pay your low recurring subscription fees, and a box full of new goodies appears on your doorstep every month like magic.

5.      Try boundary-pushing sex play

Some sexual pastimes were positively invented with dedicated boundary pushers in mind. Think BDSM, role reversal, role-playing, orgasm denial, and more. And you don’t necessarily need to go from 0 to 100 with something like that to get a whole lot out of it, either. You can (and should) start small and then turn the dial up a bit at a time as you get used to things and learn more about what you like.

Pushing sexual boundaries in this way can teach you so much about what you’re into sexually. And it can boost intimacy between couples by leaps and bounds, so don’t be afraid to get on board. You won’t regret it.

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How to Feel Sexier and More Desirable on Your Period

It can be hard enough to feel like yourself when you’re on your period, let alone feel genuinely desirable or sexy. But you’re only human for wishing there was a way to change that. Everyone deserves to feel their best as often as possible, and there’s no reason why that can’t include the days you’re on your period.

Thankfully, feeling sexier on your period is far from a lost cause. It’s easily achievable if you’re willing to put your mind to it. Here are some fantastic tips to get you started in the right direction.

Talk about it with your partner and friends

If you were raised to think of periods as something you never talk about, if it can be helped, then it makes sense that you might think of yours as a dirty little secret. But the problem with that thinking is it can leave you feeling like you’re all alone in not feeling your best for an entire week every month.

Feeling better and sexier on your period starts with reframing how you think of that time of the month, and communicating with people you’re close to can help a lot with that. Commiserate with your friends or let your partner in on how you feel. Give them a chance to validate you and make things better for you.

Upgrade your underwear

Although most women alter their underwear choices during their periods, so many go about it the wrong way. They reach for old panties that are past their prime, so they don’t have to worry about stains or ugly granny-style options that they hope will be more comfortable if they bloat. If that sounds like you, it’s time to invest in some better choices to reach for during your period.

Banish the idea that underwear can’t be comfortable and sexy at the same time. Picks like boy shorts, bralettes, and similar options come in various colors, patterns, and cuts, making it easy to have underwear on hand that’s both cute and easy to wear.

And for those days where you need or want to be extra careful about your choice of underwear or simply don’t want to mess with bulky or uncomfortable feminine products, there are cute period underwear options out there. These are an especially good choice for feeling more like yourself when it’s time to get into bed at night and cuddle with your partner.

Embrace period sex

Although it’s understandable that sex might be the last thing on your to-do list if you’re already not feeling very desirable, it’s one of the best things you can do to feel sexier.

For starters, many women feel friskier than average during their periods, and their partners are often as interested as ever. They just don’t do anything about it because they think period sex is gross, dirty, or somehow off limits. Sex – especially sex that results in orgasm – can also help ease any pain and discomfort you might be experiencing because of your period.

So while you never have to do anything you genuinely don’t want to do, you owe it to yourself to give period sex an honest try before you knock it. You’ll likely see that it’s no big deal. But if you’re a little nervous about diving right into sex with a partner while on your period, start by flying solo for a while instead.

Shower or bathe more often

If the main issue that keeps you from feeling sexy while on your period is the lingering impression that it’s impossible to stay clean, give yourself permission to step things up in the hygiene department. Shower more often or fill in the gaps between showers with soothing bubble baths, complete with all your favorite bath products.

Keep your skin feeling supple and soft instead of dry by following each bathing session with plenty of moisturizer and body lotion. Add a powerful finishing touch by spritzing on a bit of a favorite perfume. Be sure to choose something that never fails to make you feel pretty and sexy.

Switch things up

Sometimes all it really takes to feel sexier, more desirable, and generally more interested in sex is a little something extra to get excited about. When you know your period’s on the way, make plans to invest extra time in self-care. Treat yourself well, take care of yourself, and embrace small changes that make things easier.

And if you want to actively invest in tapping into your libido, don’t be afraid to make exploring the possibilities harder to resist with some fun new toys, bedroom accessories, or personal products to try. Treat yourself and your partner to some sexy sheets, a new sensual candle, or a specific type of sex toy you’ve always wanted to try. You’ll be feeling sexier in no time!

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How to Get Your Sexual Groove Back After Kids

If you’re a parent, then it goes without saying that you love your kids and wouldn’t trade them for the world. But it’s also only natural to be wondering how (and when) you’ll ever be able to get the rest of your life back on track, especially if you’re brand new to parenthood.

This goes double for couples who have trouble making their sex life a priority in the face of everything else they’ve got on their plates. One’s intimate connection with a spouse is a huge part of what keeps a person sane when life becomes hectic and stressful, and sex is a massive part of that. Here are some pointers for getting sex back on track after kids.

Spend time without the kids

Naturally, this isn’t going to be easy for people with big families or new babies, but it’s super important that every couple make it a priority regardless. And the time set aside doesn’t necessarily need to be all about having sex (although it certainly can be, if that’s what you both want). It does need to be as regular as possible, though.

Arrange for a babysitter to look after the kids once a week so you and your partner can enjoy a romantic dinner out or engage in a favorite pastime you’ve always enjoyed doing together. Log some couch time after the kids are in bed for the evening and spend it catching up on a favorite show. It doesn’t much matter what you do, as long as you’re doing it just the two of you.

Seize opportunities when they come

Even when life is crazy busy, because of kids or any other reason, there are more opportunities to connect with your partner on a deeper level than you might think. You just need to learn how to spot them and then take advantage of them when you can. In other words, be spontaneous and open to living in the moment.

Keep in mind that ways to connect don’t always need to be about lengthy, penetrative, naked sex. Deep kisses or flirty squeezes on one’s way out the door can work wonders, as can the occasional flirty text message or sexy selfie. So can a hot and dirty quickie or a blow job when you’ve only got a small pocket of time to spare.

Commit to experimenting in the bedroom

It’s not always a lack of time and opportunity that keeps couples with children from having the sex lives they’d really like to be having. Stress, body image issues, age, and similar factors related to parenthood can make it harder to let go and give yourself over to the experience on the same level you used to. Sexual ruts and routines that have gotten stale can also be issues.

But making it a point to experiment, explore, and keep things super fresh can help struggling couples get over the hump. Try making a sexual bucket list, filling it with things you’ve both always wanted to try, and deliberately scratching one thing off the list once a month or every couple of weeks.

Looking for a great way to remind yourself to experiment regularly? Try signing up for a sexy subscription box from a service like Seductive Pleasure Box. For one low subscription price, you can look forward to an expert-curated box filled with fun toys and products showing up on your doorstep once a month. All you need to do is open it up, get excited, and get inspired.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

When parents feel overwhelmed, especially when they’re new parents, it’s much too easy to wind up taking frustrations out on a partner – especially when it comes to sex. Compassion and communication are the keys to seeing your way through situations like that.

For example, moms often wind up bearing the brunt of the childcare responsibilities, become overwhelmed, and feel like they’re not understood by dads who are eager to get back to business regarding sex after kids. Meanwhile, dads can feel rejected, judged, and like they no longer occupy the same level of importance in their partners’ lives.

Prevent misunderstandings and defuse tensions before they start by communicating and talking often. Make it a particular point to talk about any sexual urges, feelings, and desires (or lack thereof) you may each be feeling. Listen to one another, and work toward finding solutions together that you both like the sounds of.

At the end of the day, getting your sex life back on track after kids is simply part of finding balance again. However, while it’s challenging, it’s not impossible. Just focus on honoring each other, honoring the beautiful family you’re building together, and falling into a new pattern that suits everyone involved.

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6 Naughty Questions to Ask Your Partner and Inspire Hotter Sex

Great sex and communication go hand in hand, without a doubt. So, if you’re not already engaging in regular conversation with your partner about sex, then you really need to start if you’re serious about having hotter sex over the years.

Conversation is the key to ensuring you’re both happy with your sex life. It’s essential when it comes to staying out of ruts or boring routines and keeping dry spells at bay. And when you bring the right topics up for discussion, a simple conversation can be a stellar way to keep things hot and spicy between the sheets, as well.

Not sure where to start? A few naughty questions make terrific conversation starters, as well as create opportunities for you and your partner to get to know each other even better. Here are a few examples to start with.

1.      “What’s your dirtiest fantasy?”

Exchanging sexual fantasies with a partner is a wonderful way to build intimacy, show trust, and get your creativity flowing as far as future love sessions. It’s also a great way to get to know each other a bit better on a sexual level.

Consider turning a question like this into a fantasy exchange between the two of you. Create a list of any ideas both of you like the sounds of. Then consult it whenever you’re in the mood to try something new or for one of you to surprise the other with a naughty treat.

2.      “What’s your favorite type of porn?”

As with pet sexual fantasies, a person’s taste in porn can tell you a lot about what gets them going. Partaking in a bit of porn is something nearly everyone does at least occasionally, but unlike with fantasies, they rarely share the details of what they’re into in this regard.

Encouraging each other to open up about porn preferences is an easy way to get a dialogue going about turn-ons, turn-offs, fetishes, and more – all great topics couples should really be talking about. For even hotter sex you may even want to talk about watching some porn together sometime.

3.      “If you had to give me an orgasm right now, how would you do it?”

Naturally, you probably already have a pretty good idea of what your partner most enjoys doing to you in bed. But unless you’re both already very vocal about your sex life, you probably haven’t had the pleasure of hearing your partner describe it in plain English.

It’s seriously sexy to listen to someone you love talk about their favorite way to make love to you, as well as describe why they enjoy it so much. And, of course, talking about it is the perfect way to segue into doing it.

4.      “Is there a sex toy you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet?”

If you’re like many couples, you’ve likely already at least experimented with a toy or two. One or both of you may own a toy or two for your own private, personal use. You may even have brought one into the bedroom before, just to inspire hotter sex when you’re in the mood for something different.

One or both of you has almost certainly entertained the thought of trying a very different sex toy on for size, and a direct question gives that person the ideal excuse to bring it up for consideration. Consider scheduling a joint shopping trip soon or signing up for a toy-themed subscription box from Seductive Pleasure Box to start exploring some options.

5.      “Which of the times we’ve made love was the hottest for you?”

Everyone has sexual memories with their partner that they enjoy looking back on from time to time – times that were especially hot, passionate, or unusual in some way. Your partner is no different in that regard, and you’d no doubt like to hear which encounters made their personal hits list.

So why not just ask them? Then return the favor by confessing which love sessions you can’t stop thinking about. Not only will you get to enjoy the rush that comes with knowing for sure that your lover fantasizes about times you’ve been together, but you’ve officially got permission to organize round two.

6.      “If you could get me to do anything right now, what would it be?”

Although receiving is literally all it’s cracked up to be when it comes to sex, giving can be a serious turn-on, as well – especially when you know the recipient is totally and completely lost in what’s happening.

So, try giving your partner full permission to have it their way sometime. Ask them to describe every detail of what they’d like you to do, and then see how closely you can follow directions. They may even offer to return the favor. Try it and see what type of naughty questions inspire hotter sex for you and your lover!

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How to Talk Your Partner into Trying Something in Bed

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Sexual ruts and dry spells happen to absolutely everyone from time to time. Life gets busy, schedules get packed from wall to wall, and it can be tough to find the energy to be energetic and creative in bed at the end of the day. So instead, you either hold off on sex altogether for a while or fall back on what you already know gets the job done.

Before you know it, your sex life just doesn’t have that same pop that it used to. You want to get things back on track, and you can even think of a thing or two you’d love to try with your partner. But you’re just not sure how to start a conversation about it and sell them on the benefits of giving it a try. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Keep it positive and light-hearted.

Many people have the same fear when it comes to starting a conversation like this with their partner – that they’ll take a desire to spice things up a bit as a critique on their performance. But you can help reduce that possibility by keeping things positive, light-hearted, and at least semi-casual as far as tone.

Start by talking about all the things you love about having sex with your partner. Be specific about things you find sexy about them or little ways they never fail to turn you on and make lovemaking incredible for you. Then steer the conversation in a new direction by asking them if there’s anything they would like to try in bed and taking it from there.

Leave complaints out of the equation.

When the time comes to bring up your own ideas about things you’d like to try in bed, be careful how you phrase your requests. Often people wait to even begin a conversation with their partner about sex until they’re already super frustrated with something in particular, and they may not even realize it until they start talking. So, take care not to complain or approach things from a negative angle.

For instance, instead of saying, “We never have sex anymore, and when we do, it’s over so quickly,” try, “I’d love to spend one of those long, lazy Sundays in bed with you soon.” In other words, make your request by asking for the positive thing you want instead of complaining about the negative thing you don’t. Consider how you’d like your partner to talk to you about your sexual rut if the shoe were on the other foot.

Be patient with your partner.

Remember, not everyone is as comfortable talking about sex as someone else might be, and that’s okay. And if your partner is a little more reserved in this arena, you likely already know it. Keep in mind that this discussion isn’t just about you but the wonderful, intimate sex life that you share together, and be patient with them.

If you catch your partner off guard the first time you bring up the topic, and they seem uncomfortable, respect their boundaries. But do follow up on the subject another time. If necessary, ask them to suggest a day or time to discuss it. Ask if there’s anything you can do to make the conversation easier, but don’t drop the topic altogether. It’s important to be able to talk to your partner about sex and bring up any concerns, desires, or ideas you might have.

Listen in addition to talking.

Once you finally do get that conversation started, make sure you make it an actual conversation. Don’t talk “at” your partner or make the entire discussion about you. However, do float your ideas out there as far as what you’d like to try, whether that’s carving out more time to linger in bed together or trying something specific – like a small toy or some light roleplaying.

Then ask your partner to contribute a few ideas of their own. Maybe there’s a new position they’ve been meaning to suggest, or perhaps they’d love more romantic play, like sensual massages. Get some good back-and-forth going and settle on a few ideas you both like the sounds of.

Take the next step together.

Putting the pep back in your sex life if things have been stale lately isn’t just about jazzing things up in the bedroom. It’s about making time to reconnect and foster stronger intimacy, in general. Make sure you’re making your time together a priority. Surprise your partner with tickets to an event or a romantic dinner reservation at their favorite restaurant. Then see where things go.

Taking the time to nurture the romance and connection in a relationship is often the best way to get out of a sexual rut and open the door to some new activities to try together. So, get started today, and you’ll see.

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5 Ways to Get More Out of Using Toys as a Couple

Although sex toys are a must for swinging singles who want more out of their solo sessions, don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to retire your beloved rabbit vibe or Fleshlight once you get into a relationship. With the right partner along for the ride, you can get even more out of your favorite toys than you did before.

Toys can open a couple up to a whole new wealth of possibilities when it comes to pleasure and satisfaction. They can introduce you to brand new sensations you couldn’t experience any other way. They can bring the two of you closer together and make you better communicators. They can help you keep your sex life smoking hot, as well. Here are some tips for getting the most out of using them together.

1.      Don’t leave the lube out of the equation.

So many people make the mistake of thinking lube is strictly something to reach for when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, and they’re doing themselves a real disservice. A little lube is a wonderful way to enhance any type of play, whether it’s explicitly needed or not, and this includes anything you want to do that includes toys.

Just make certain that the lube you choose is compatible with your toys first. For instance, silicone-based lubes can be incredible if you’re strictly planning on skin-to-skin play. However, it can ruin the integrity of a condom or your sex toys. So, when in doubt, stick to water-based lubes. They’re always a perfect fit.

2.      Start slow and take things from there.

If one of you is more experienced with toys than the other, it can take some time for the less experienced person to get used to the idea, even if they’re also really into it. So start slow and take your time. If you already own some toys, consider introducing your partner to each one. Offer to let them watch you use one on yourself. If they like what they see, hand the reins over to them for a while and enjoy.

Once the ice is broken, you can start exploring some new territory. First, try using a simple, non-threatening toy like a magic bullet or a vibrating wand to stimulate your partner and let them see how it feels. Then, you can segue into using the toy on each other while you make love or during foreplay.

3.      Try a toy designed especially for couples.

Although most sex toys are relatively easy to integrate into couples’ play, you really owe it to yourselves to give a toy designed specifically for couples a try. They can be absolute game-changers, especially if you’re most interested in toys to elevate the sex you’re already having together.

A vibrating penis ring is a terrific way for both of you to get a lot more out of intercourse. So are wearable horseshoe-shaped vibrators. There are toys out there that come equipped with remote controls or smartphone app compatibility to give you even more ways to get creative, as well. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run a little wild.

4.      Go shopping for new toys as a team.

Although there’s nothing wrong with picking up a new toy on your own and then surprising your partner with it, shopping for toys together can be a great bonding experience in more ways than one. To begin with, it gets a dialogue flowing between the two of you about your sex life, your turn-ons, your fantasies, and so much more.

Plus, the experience of browsing for new toys can be incredibly hot. You get to take turns pointing out things you like to one another and talking about how you’d like to use them. And if you’re ordering online, you get to enjoy the sweet anticipation of waiting for your order to arrive so you can get down to business.

5.      Get creative with how you play.

Toys bring a lot of possibility to the table beyond the obvious, so don’t be afraid to roll with new ideas that sound like they’d be a lot of fun. For instance, mutual masturbation can be super-hot and informative, so try using your toys separately and together sometime. Waterproof toys can be terrific ways to jazz up your morning shower or make a shared evening bath even more intimate. Small, discreet toys can even make getting naughty in public a little more fun.

So don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities together because toys are more than just a great way to elevate an orgasm. They can keep your relationship spicy, make sexual ruts a thing of the past, and keep you on your toes creatively, as well. Try a few on for size yourself and find out firsthand!

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4 Things Your Guy Is Dying to Know About Your Vibrator

The days when women treated their precious vibrators like dirty little secrets are long over with. Now, it’s all the rage to be sexually confident and proudly take responsibility for your own pleasure. In fact, most modern women have either owned a vibrator before or have thought very seriously about getting one, whether they talk about it openly.

Likewise, most men understand their female partners either currently own a vibrator or have in the past. And many of those men are OK with that fact, but that hardly means they don’t have a few things they’d love to know if they could only figure out how to ask. Here are a few examples.

1.      Vibrator vs. Penis: Which Is Better?

Guys are only human, after all, so they wonder about things like this – especially if they know for a fact that their special lady uses a vibrator regularly. Even the most confident guy harbors fears about not satisfying his partner fully, so it’s only natural to feel a little intimidated by something that’s always ready to rock and roll, day or night.

So, if you know this is something your man worries about, don’t be afraid to set him straight gently. Explain to him that as fun as a vibrator can be, there’s no substitute for deep intimacy with a flesh-and-blood partner. After all, owning a pocket pussy wouldn’t ever make him tired of person-to-person sex, right? Like all sex toys, vibrators are fun to play with once in a while but not comparable to real people.

2.      What It’s Really Like to Own One

These days, sex toys are no longer considered strictly for women. More and more men are catching on to the fact that male-focused options like Fleshlights, strokers, penis rings, and other goodies can be game-changers for them, too. But not every guy has personally taken the plunge into sex toy ownership yet, so those who haven’t are bound to be curious.

Naturally, you know owning a vibrator is no big deal. It’s not something you think about all day long. And while you probably wouldn’t open up a discussion about your vibrator with your grandmother or anything, you don’t see it as a dirty secret, either. It’s just part of your life, like so many other things you own and enjoy using from time to time.

3.      Whether You Use It Every Time

It goes pretty much without saying that men are fascinated with the logistics of how women masturbate, so your guy almost certainly wonders about your solo session from time to time. And if he also knows you own a vibrator, he’s probably got questions about how often it’s part of the mix. For example, do you use it every time? And when you do use it, do you use it the same way every time?

Of course, you know that everyone’s different in this regard. Some women consider their vibrators to be solo time staples, while others are happy reaching for theirs only when they want to do things a little differently. Some women maintain entire collections of sex toys so that there’s one for every possible mood, while others are cool with having one go-to for every occasion. At the end of the day, what’s on the menu when it’s self-service time depends greatly on the person’s mood.

4.      Whether You’d Consider Including Him Sometime

Today’s men are relatively open-minded about sex and female masturbation, so they’re not entirely out of the loop when it comes to vibrators. And yes, if your guy knows for sure you have a vibrator, he’s probably spent a fair amount of time wondering about the logistics of your relationship with it. He’s probably also often wondered what it would be like to be included in your fun.

If you think that might be the case for your man, why not treat him to a spot in the middle of the action sometime? There are so many possibilities to consider. For instance, you could use your vibrator as a teaching tool and show him exactly how you like to use it. Treat him to a spicy X-rated show or invite him to take the reins himself if he’s in the mood.

Vibrators make incredible additions to foreplay and partnered sex, as well. Try using yours to stimulate various parts of his body (with his permission, of course) or wedge it between the two of you while you make love sometime. Not only will it make sex extra hot, but it will take some of the guesswork out of orgasm for both of you.

In other words, vibrators are far less mysterious in practice than they might be in a man’s imagination, but that doesn’t make them any less worthwhile. So, consider satisfying your partner’s curiosity and giving him a crash course in world-class vibrator use. You might both wind up glad you did.

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Get More Enjoyment Out of Your Sex Toys

Whether you’re preparing to purchase your very first sex toy or are already the proud owner of a growing collection, it goes without saying that toys are true game changers. Adding a toy to your sexual repertoire is a beautiful way to get to know your body better and discover all the different ways it experiences pleasure. Plus, it takes the guesswork out of having a quick and dirty orgasm when you want one.

But while falling head over heels in love with the world of sex toys is nearly effortless, there’s still an art to getting the absolute most out of yours. The following are a few of the most common mistakes sex toy lovers make when enjoying their toys. Do any of them sound familiar?

You don’t store your toys properly.

Plenty of sex toy owners really don’t think about how and where they store their goodies, figuring one solution is as good as another. Some, simply toss theirs into a nightstand drawer when they’re finished playing, or else they stuff it under their mattress for safekeeping, never realizing they could be shortening the life of their toy.

Sex toys should always be stored in individual boxes or bags and then tucked carefully away somewhere safe, away from extreme temperatures. Individual storage solutions help keep dust, dirt, and debris from sticking to the toy in between uses. They also keep toys from touching one another, preventing any possible corrosion.

You don’t clean your toys regularly.

Most people fully realize they should be cleaning their vibrators and other toys regularly. However, most don’t do it nearly often enough or know how often they really should be doing it. So let the record show that your toys should be cleaned thoroughly after every single use without exception. (For best results, you may want to give them a quick wash before each use, as well.)

Plain soap and water work just fine in most cases. But many toy lovers like to keep handy spray-on, wipe-off toy cleaners close at hand, as well, for those times heading for the sink isn’t convenient. In addition, you should get into the habit of inspecting your toys for signs of integrity loss every 2-3 months and replacing any showing signs of wear and tear. Think cracks, warping, pockmarks, frayed cords, and so forth.

You treat your toys like a dirty little secret.

No one’s saying you have to shout it from the rooftops that you own a toy or tell anyone who’ll listen all about the finer points of your go-to vibrator. It’s OK to keep your private business private. But you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about using a toy or see it as something shameful, even if you were raised to see things that way.

The days when sex toys were wrongly viewed as poor substitutes for a sexual relationship with another person are long over with. Today, sexual empowerment is in, as is the decision to take responsibility for your own pleasure. And toys aren’t just for women, either. Men love them, too, as do couples. So, owning, using, and loving your toys is something to be proud of, even if you prefer to keep that fact to yourself.

You haven’t tried using a toy with your partner yet.

Again, your sex life is your business, especially regarding how you approach self-pleasure. But you should know that a good toy can bring just as much to the sex life you share with your partner as it can your solo sex life. Sex toys bring fantastic new sensations to the table that you’d never be able to experience any other way.

And they take the guesswork out of orgasms, too. That means you and your beloved are free to get out of your heads a little and lose yourself in what matters most – each other. Toys are great tools for encouraging open dialogue about sex, too – something every couple should have on an ongoing basis.

You rarely to never use lube.

What if we told you there’s a product out there that could take pretty much every sexual encounter you have to the next level and beyond? You’d want to use it, right? Well, that product is lube, without a doubt – a woefully underrated product.

Yes, lube can come through for you in a pinch when Mother Nature just isn’t cooperating, but that’s not the only time it comes in handy. Lubes help convey sensations (such as vibrations) like an absolute dream, meaning adding just a touch – even when you don’t think you need it – can add some serious oomph to your play session.

So, as you can see, there’s always a way to get more out of a really great sex toy, and addressing the above mistakes is a great place to start. Get the ball rolling today!

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5 Sexy Resolutions to Electrify Your Sex Life in the New Year

Whether you’re currently looking for a way out of a sexual rut or simply forever open to ways to make your sex life better, it’s always a good time to try something new in the bedroom. After all, even the closest, most passionate couples occasionally deal with sexual ruts, especially once they’ve been together a while.

But a well-developed sense of intimate adventure is something that can do any couple or individual a lot of good. With a bit of creativity, work, and patience, you can keep on having incredible sex pretty much indefinitely. So here are a few suggestions to get started with as you say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new one.

1.      Integrate sexting into your routine.

These days, it’s safe to say that texting is part of almost everyone’s everyday life. People use text messaging for everything from finalizing weekend plans with friends to communicating with a partner throughout the day, and it’s unlikely you’re any different. That makes it a low-key but often unexpected way to add a little sizzle to your everyday interactions.

How you approach sexting is entirely up to you, but it’s hard to go wrong by adopting an approach you know your partner would love. You can recall past sexual encounters that were extra hot. You can keep things short and sweet or go all out, even adding sexy selfies to the mix if you like. Be creative, and be sure to keep things bubbly and fun.

2.      Indulge in some sex education.

When you’re really serious about taking something about your life to the next level, a little education is always an excellent way to start your journey. This is no less the case with sex, so consider branching out and acquiring some fresh knowledge in the new year to come.

How you go about this is entirely up to you and your partner, if you have one. Add a few choice picks to your bookshelves, read them cover to cover, and then discuss what you’ve learned. Sign up for an adult sex education class. Seeing a sex therapist might be a good option, as well, especially if you like the idea of getting impartial advice from a seasoned professional.

3.      Have some new adventures.

Your quality of life outside your bedroom has a lot more to do with the quality of your sex life than you might think. If you’re vital, adventurous, and energetic when you’re not between the sheets, it becomes second nature to be the same way when you are. So, consider getting up, getting out, and getting moving more often next year to see where it leads you.

You get bonus points for choosing something that triggers adrenaline production. Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be skydiving or bungee jumping unless you want it to. A nice, vigorous nature hike is just as capable of doing the job, as is a robust workout. Pick something that fits your interests, and dive in.

4.      Get serious about your Kegels.

Speaking of sexy resolutions that are good for your physique, you don’t want to forget your Kegels. You may not be able to see the muscles of your pelvic floor when you look in the mirror, but that doesn’t make them any less important for your sex life. Among other things, the strength of your pelvic floor muscles affects vaginal tightness and orgasm strength.

Kegels help keep them strong and toned, especially as you get older, but you need to do them daily to achieve lasting results. They’re simple to do – just clench and release your vaginal muscles repeatedly. But the results are phenomenal, so definitely make them part of your ongoing sexual maintenance routine.

5.      Play with your toys more often.

If you have a vibrator hanging out in your nightstand drawer, then you don’t need to be told what a godsend it is when you need to release some sexual energy. But don’t make the mistake of keeping your good times all to yourself. A vibrator or other sex toy makes an unforgettable addition to partnered sex that both of you are sure to really appreciate. Try it sometime and see for yourself.

And if you like that experience, consider continuing to explore the options toys bring to the table as a couple. You can shop for unique treasures to get excited about. You can also sign up for a sexy subscription box from a service like Seductive Pleasure Box for a monthly delivery of scintillating surprises to look forward to. It’s a fun, cost-effective way to keep things exciting and your collection growing over time.

Taking the time and making an effort to improve your sex life is never a waste of time. Great sex keeps you healthy, improves your wellbeing, and brings you closer to your partner, especially over the long term. So, what better investment could there be?