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How to Get What You Really Want in Bed

Whether you’ve been in your relationship a long time or are just getting started with someone new, it’s only natural to fantasize about mixing things up in the bedroom from time to time. Maybe you like to picture scenarios that find your partner acting a little out of character or wonder what it would be like to use a different type of toy together. Chances are that your partner occasionally does the same.

But it’s one thing to think about revamping your sex life and to fantasize about what it would be like. It’s another to bring the topic up in conversation and get what you really want in bed. Here are a few tips that can help you get where you’d like to be.

Get used to talking about (and asking for) sex.

There’s no way around the need to actually become comfortable talking about sex, at least with your partner. As intuitive and attentive as your partner might be, they’re not psychic, and all those little hints or nudges are only going to get you so far. But everyone has to start somewhere.

Some people find it easier to open up at first in the heat of the moment. If that’s you, then take advantage of things the next time you’re all revved up and desperately wanting your partner to do something specific. It will be easier for you, and they’ll almost certainly oblige eagerly.

When you’re done, try telling your partner how good what they did felt, listen to their response, and take things from there. Then try sharing some ideas you’d love to try or mention stuff you already do that you’d love to experience more often. Encourage your partner to share some ideas of their own, as well. Don’t worry if things are a little awkward at first. Practice makes perfect.

Get to know your own body better.

Everyone masturbates from time to time – men and women, single people, and those in relationships. But for many people, it’s strictly about getting off and scratching a familiar itch occasionally. Try turning your next chunk of solo time into an indulgent self-discovery session instead and see what happens. If you don’t already have one, treat yourself to a vibrator and some luxurious lube. Then set aside an afternoon or evening to really take your time exploring your body.

Experiment with running the vibrator over various zones and favorite places to see how they respond. Explore multiple ways to stimulate yourself, and take note of the ones that give you the most powerful orgasms. The more you know about how your body responds to touch and different stimulation types, the better your partner will become at following suit under your tutelage.

Reevaluate some of your boundaries.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having sexual boundaries. Knowing your limits and communicating what they are with a partner are essential parts of your ongoing sexual growth. However, it’s also worth asking yourself why you have the limits you do. You’d be surprised how many people set their own boundaries to match the ones their friends say they have or because someone at some point in their life told them it was wrong to do certain things.

In other words, make sure the boundaries and limits you have are indeed your own. It’s OK to have more traditional “vanilla” tastes and to like what you like. But make sure you’re not missing out on something you could be into because you’re worried about what it would say about you if you tried it and liked it. Sometimes it pays off to try something new and out of character.

Go all out occasionally.

You don’t need to wait for your anniversary or Valentine’s Day to go all-out for yourself and your partner. Yes, those days should be celebrated to the fullest, but sometimes random Tuesdays are also good times to surprise someone with a special dessert or romantic bedroom romp. Your relationship – both in and out of the bedroom – is what you make of it, so celebrate it boisterously and often.

Consider making self-established traditions like date nights, naked Sundays, or staycation weekends regular things. Start a fantasy box and take turns adding new ideas to it. Then take a couple out to try when you’re in the mood for a little something different. Subscribe to a sexy couple’s box from a service like Seductive Pleasure Box to ensure you always have a fresh incoming supply of toys and accessories to try.

Getting what you really want in bed (and helping your partner do the same) is far from impossible. But getting into the right headspace is a process. So, take the first step today, and see where it leads you!

Sex Toys For Women

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Rabbit Vibrators

If you’re in the know as far as the wide, wonderful world of sex toys, then you likely think of the classic rabbit vibrator as the sexually liberated woman’s best friend. Capable of granting its owner as many powerful blended orgasms as she can handle, the trusty rabbit is nothing short of a godsend when it comes to easy, accessible sexual pleasure on demand.

But how much do you really know about the rabbit? Here’s a closer look at the history of the rabbit vibrator, the reasons why every woman should own at least one, and some terrific tips for choosing a rabbit you’ll love.

The Origins of the Rabbit

According to a handful of the adult toy industry’s most distinguished veterans, the first rabbit was the illustrious brainchild of a Japanese sex toy manufacturer. Before his stroke of genius, vibrators were cylindrical and straight, more or less as a rule. Of course, they got the job done well enough, and they could be used very well for one’s choice of external or internal stimulation. However, the rabbit made it possible to enjoy both kinds of stimulation simultaneously, leading to compelling dual-point orgasms that were incredibly satisfying.

The indispensable rabbit vibrator first became common household knowledge when Sex and the City’s Charlotte York became hopelessly addicted to her Rabbit Pearl in an unforgettable episode of the iconic show. Rabbits continued to generate buzz when celebrities like Eva Longoria began to talk openly about how much they loved theirs. In fact, Eva was so thrilled with her rabbit and thought it so important that women own good vibrators that she gifted all her girlfriends rabbits of their own.

After that, women everywhere stopped treating vibrator ownership and sex toy use like a dirty little secret. It became something to be proud of – a sign that you were sex-positive and entirely comfortable with your sexuality – and the rest is history.

Why Own a Rabbit?

Although they’ve been on the market long enough by now to be considered classic sex toys, rabbit-style vibrators have come a long way since they first hit the toy scene. They’re also regarded as must-have staples for any woman who’s serious about unlocking her sexual potential. Here’s a look at what they bring to the table.

Quick and Reliable Orgasms

With a rabbit in your corner, you can say goodbye to the long, frustrating climb to orgasm you might be used to. If you want to take your time getting there, you certainly can, but a rabbit is also stimulating enough to get you off in record time. That makes it great for those times you just want a quick and dirty orgasm on demand.

Lots of Options to Choose From

Although rabbits are still available in relatively simple, classic configurations, there are lots of additional options on the market to explore, as well. Some rabbits come with shafts capable of twirling, gyrating, and thrusting. Others come enhanced with bands of rotating pleasure beads or app connectivity that lets you take your experience to the next level. There are even next-level rabbits out there that add anal stimulation to the mix if that’s your jam.

Unparalleled Versatility

The days when the average woman’s partner felt intimidated or insulted by their vibrator use are over. More and more people are opening their minds to new ways to experience pleasure, not only on their own but also with their partners along for the ride. That means your rabbit makes an excellent addition to foreplay, intercourse, or love play with your partner.

Choosing the Right Rabbit for You

If you’ve never owned a rabbit before, don’t be intimidated by the sheer number of choices available to you. Making a choice you’re sure to be happy with is all about asking yourself the right questions as you peruse your options.

  • Are you in the market for something no-nonsense and straightforward, or are you at a point in your sexual journey where you’re ready to pull out all the stops?
  • How do you most like to be touched and stimulated when you’re with your partner or enjoying a little solo time?
  • Do you enjoy representational toys or designs that are more abstract?
  • What kind of material do you prefer – soft or firm, lifelike, easy to care for, or all of the above?

And, of course, there’s no reason to pick just one option unless you want to. Many sex-positive women maintain entire collections of toys so that there’s always something on hand that’s just right for every mood. If you’re interested in starting or growing a toy collection of your own, discovery boxes like Seductive Pleasure Box can make doing so easy, fun, and affordable.

One low monthly price gets you an entire box full of goodies to explore and experiment with, including a variety of high-quality sex toys. So try it today, and kick your sexual journey into high gear!

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The Pleasure Seeker’s Guide to Sex Toys

Many people have someone in their life who seems to know everything there is to know about sex toys, but even that person had to start somewhere. Everyone’s been a toy virgin at one point, unsure of what would feel best. Everyone’s browsed the catalog of a giant toy emporium and been simultaneously excited and overwhelmed by all the choices.

The key to going from uncertain newbie to seasoned toy connoisseur is knowledge and experience. The experience is the fun part you’ll be taking care of yourself once you’re a bona fide sex toy owner. So, here’s a little must-know knowledge to help you with the rest of the equation and ensure an experience you’ll be happy with.

The Most Common Toy Categories

Although many toys certainly fit into more than one category, it’s still helpful to know the basic broad types.  Each brings its own unique benefits and perks to the table.

Vibrators: When most new sex toy users picture a sex toy, they often think of something that buzzes and vibrates to the tune of killer orgasms. However, vibrators that everyone should try at least once can take lots of different forms. Some are insertive, while others are not. Some come complete with lots of extra bells and whistles, while others are simple. Vibrations feel good to absolutely anyone’s anatomy, so they’re a great fit for singles, couples, and people of all genders.

Dildos: Dildos, probes, and dongs are penetrative toys that don’t typically vibrate, although there are many exceptions on the market. Many are designed to resemble real penises, but there are plenty that aren’t. Many dildos can also be loaded into harnesses for partnered play or attached to a flat surface via a suction cup for some hands-free action.

Anal Toys: If you enjoy the unique sensations that come along with stimulating your back door (or think you might), these are toys made to deliver a world-class experience in a way that’s safe and user-friendly. Anal toys cover a wide range of shapes and styles. They include butt plugs, anal beads, anal probes, and more.

Penis Toys: You don’t have to have a vulva to enjoy a good sex toy. There are plenty of options out there designed with penises, in particular, in mind. Cock rings are popular options for both solo play and partnered play. Many people with penises also enjoy masturbation sleeves, penis pumps, and other goodies made with their anatomy in mind.

What to Consider When Choosing a Sex Toy

Knowing what kind of toy you’re most interested in is a good start, but it’s not all you’ll want to pay attention to when you’re evaluating your options. Here are a few questions to keep in mind as you shop and consider each choice.

What material is the best fit?

Sex toys can be made of lots of different materials. Picks like metal, glass, or plastic are favorites among pleasure lovers who like a hard, firm feel to their toys. People who want something more flexible sometimes enjoy jelly or rubber. Silicone is an option that strikes a good balance between the two and is body-safe to boot. Always make sure you choose a body-safe option and keep cleaning in mind when buying a new toy. Beyond that, the material is a matter of taste and preference.

What’s your budget like?

There’s quite literally a sex toy out there to suit every possible budget, so hopping on the pleasure wagon never has to break the bank. Many pleasure-seekers like to start with something mid-quality and straightforward until they learn more about what they like. Then they upgrade to something with more oomph and a bigger wow factor once they’re experienced.

Do you want to share your toy?

Technically, all toys are unisex and potentially appropriate for users of every gender. However, you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking any of them are only for solo use. Many toys – like vibrating bullets, anal plugs, cock rings, and more – make especially great additions to the sex life you share with your partner.

Explore a Wealth of Possibilities

Of course, there’s no law out there that says you have to stop at just one toy. Many people maintain an entire collection that they add to as they discover new sensations they love or grow curious about various experiences. If that’s something that interests you, you may want to consider giving a Seductive Pleasure Box subscription a try.

The boxes are an incredible way to grow your collection and explore different experiences for one affordable monthly price. Each toy included is top-tier, so you’ll get to try lots of different luxury toys. Plus, you’ll have something fun to look forward to getting in the mail every month – something just about anyone can appreciate.

Whether you’re looking to add some pizzazz to sex with a partner or planning on keeping all the fun to yourself, sex toys make an excellent addition to anyone’s repertoire.

Adult Subscription Box

5 Fantastic Reasons to Subscribe to a Sexy Couple’s Box

Subscription boxes are nothing if not red hot these days, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether you’re an aspiring writer, a makeup lover, or a dedicated home cook, there’s almost certainly a box out there made with you in mind. It gives you something fun to look forward to receiving in the mail every month, as well, and who couldn’t use that?

There are even options explicitly curated for couples who love trying new things in the bedroom – a terrific idea for any twosome interested in a creative, unique way to keep their sex life spicy. Here’s a closer look at why you and your partner should consider signing up for one of your own.

1.      It’s a great way to open a dialogue about sex.

Sex is an integral part of any relationship. Nearly all couples love having it, thinking about it, and looking forward to it. What people aren’t as good at is talking about it, even in private with one another. That doesn’t make opening and maintaining an ongoing conversation about sex any less critical, though.

Signing up for a sexy subscription via a service like Seductive Pleasure Box is a great way to turn things around. You can start small by talking about the items you receive and how you’d like to try using them together. Eventually, you’ll feel comfortable discussing nearly everything from orgasms to pet fantasies you’d like to explore together.

2.      You’ll get to try things you might never have considered otherwise.

If you’ve ever subscribed to other types of boxes, then you already know that the surprises are the best part. The world of adult toys and accessories is vast and varied. One look at the catalog of any major toy emporium is enough to intimidate anyone and leave them wondering what to try next, so most wind up sticking only to what they already know.

A sexy couple’s subscription box is designed to help you explore the very best of adult pleasure in a convenient, affordable way that’s always approachable. Each box is expertly curated with your pleasure in mind, so you’ll never be short of fun, innovative new toys and products to try again.

3.      You’ll build an impressive collection without breaking the bank.

Under most circumstances, truly great sex toys can be prohibitively expensive, especially if you’re looking to build and maintain a well-rounded pleasure collection. But with the right subscription box in your corner, you can start receiving the toy box of your dreams for one affordable monthly price.

Just sign up and wait for your monthly shipment of goodies to arrive, it’s that easy. Then unbox it, ooh and aah over your new items, and start planning how you’d like to make the most of each one. And since subscription boxes are designed to help adventurous pleasure seekers like yourself grow a collection, you’ll never receive repeats.

4.      It takes the guesswork out of keeping your relationship sizzling.

Even the sexiest, most adventurous couples can’t spend all of their time thinking about and having sex. People lead hectic lives, so the business of day-to-day living will naturally demand most of their attention. Sometimes, if life gets busy enough, sex can fall by the wayside entirely if a couple isn’t careful.

A monthly subscription box for couples is an enjoyable, enriching way to make sex the priority it should be without having to remind yourself. Just sign up, live your lives as you usually would while looking forward to your monthly delivery, and let the fun begin once it arrives. You’ll never be at a loss for new ways to keep things fresh, exciting, and enticing.

5.      It takes away the pressure to perform in the bedroom.

Pleasing your partner in the bedroom is naturally part of the fun of having sex in the first place. But getting things exactly right every time takes patience, effort, and experience. It’s more than possible to be so focused on helping your partner reach orgasm and finish satisfied that it’s hard to lose yourself in what you’re doing.

Adding toys, lubes, and other fantastic adult accessories to the mix can take some of the pressure off by taking the guesswork out of reaching orgasm for both of you. This leaves you free to focus on what really matters – enjoying each other and the special connection you share. A subscription box ensures you’ve always got something new, exciting, and satisfying to bring to bed with you.

Of course, these aren’t the only reasons to sign up for a Seductive Pleasure Box subscription, but they’re definitely among the most relevant. A toy subscription is just the beginning of the incredible sexual journey you’re sharing with your partner. Try one today and experience the magic for yourself!

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5 Wonderful Ways to Elevate Your Next Date Night

Going out will always be a wonderful way to add some pizzazz to your regular date nights and make them feel special. However, date nights that unfold on your home turf can provide numerous opportunities to boost intimacy and try new things together for a perfect balance between cozy and exciting.

Creativity and a little planning are the keys to taking date nights at home to the next level and beyond. Here are some fantastic ideas – from casual, to romantic, to downright sexy — for connecting at home as a couple and having a great time anytime.

1.      Try a subscription box together.

These days, there are incredible subscription boxes out there for just about every interest you can think of, and this absolutely includes sex and intimacy. Sexy adult toy boxes from Seductive Pleasure Box are a wonderful way to keep your sex life as a couple satisfying and novel. Each box features only full-sized premium products, and never contains repeats, so it’s an affordable, convenient way to keep your toy chest fresh and up to date.

As with other types of subscriptions boxes, the beauty of a Seductive Pleasure Box subscription ensures you’ve got brand new surprises to look forward to every single month. They also happen to be fantastic ways to make any at-home date more fun and exciting, so consider turning your monthly unboxing into an entire event. Share a delicious dinner, a bottle of wine, and a movie. Then check out your new goodies before choosing a few to take into the bedroom with you.

2.      Schedule a private wine tasting.

Nothing helps take an ordinary dinner at home to the next level quite like going out of your way to make it a little special. Putting together an at-home wine tasting for two complete with just the right complementary eats is a great way to make any evening a little more romantic.

How serious you get about your tasting is up to you. Keep things casual by picking out a few options at the grocery store and enjoying them alongside an easy picnic-style meal. Or you can get fancier by researching tasty notes before choosing your wines and assembling a charcuterie board filled with posh-feeling options. There are lots of ways to approach this, and all of them are lots of fun.

3.      Make it a game night.

When was the last time you and your partner sat down to enjoy an old-fashioned board game together, just the two of you? Pastimes like board games and card games give you something stimulating to focus on while engaging in some enjoyable conversation. It’s a great way to add a focus to a night in, as well.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your choices as a way to set the desired mood. Nostalgic games like Uno or Monopoly are great ways to throw back to your childhood. Options like chess or Scrabble are perfect for couples who like games that make you think. You can even turn the fun into foreplay with a pick like strip poker or a naughty version of Truth or Dare.

4.      Plan a backyard campout.

You don’t need to be able to make it out of town to enjoy some fresh air and a refreshing reboot outdoors. Your backyard makes a perfect date night location with a bit of forethought and creativity. Make things as stimulating or as low-key as you like.

If you find yourselves blessed with a clear night, install a stargazing app on your phone and have a blast identifying different constellations together. Then, spread a blanket on the ground and share a picnic over some soft music. You can even pitch a tent and turn your date into an all-nighter if you like.

5.      Stay in and pamper each other.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has everyone needing more of, it’s stress relief and relaxation. That said, spa nights in aren’t just great ways to spend an evening with the girls. They can also make for relaxing, romantic date night themes. Not only are they beautiful ways to unwind after a rough day or a long week, but they provide plenty of opportunities to get close and improve your sexual wellness as well.

Start with a nice, long soak in a hot bath together. Add soft music, candles, and some wine if you like. Once you’re out of the tub, you can take turns giving each other full-body massages or put on some nourishing face masks and chill out in front of a movie. And, of course, if a sultrier mood happens to strike, be sure to go with that feeling. If you’ve ever found it intimidating to initiate sex with your partner, there’s no better way to heat up the room than this.

Staying home and staying safe doesn’t have to mean an end to fun, creative dates can bring you and your partner closer together. All it takes is a little creativity and a willingness to try some new things.