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Solo Tips for Women: How to Fully Embrace Masturbation and Get to Know Your Body

Although many women these days are super in touch with their bodies on an intimate level, others still have yet to lean into masturbation in the same way. Some are still recovering from strict upbringings that taught them to see solo pleasure as dirty or wrong. Others just aren’t quite sure where to start or perhaps simply want to elevate the experiences they’re already having.

Whatever camp you belong to, one thing’s for sure. Making in-depth solo pleasure a regular part of your intimate routine has many benefits. Here’s a closer look at how you can get started in the right direction and take your own play sessions to the next level.

Set aside a block of time

Although there’s nothing wrong with a quick impromptu masturbation session that’s strictly about getting off and not much more, you don’t have to rush through things. In fact, it’s better that you don’t rush if you’re serious about getting more out of your experiences.

One great way to start reframing how you think about solo pleasure is to occasionally block off time for yourself and dedicate it solely to self-pleasure and self-exploration. Approach it the way you would a rendezvous with a lover. Make plans, get excited, and look forward to all the fun you know you will have.

Get yourself in the mood

Sometimes you’re seriously just ready to go right out of the gate, especially if you’ve been looking forward to a little alone time. But taking the time to really get in the mood can only make your experience more delicious. Remember, a woman’s most sensitive erogenous zone is her mind.

Porn isn’t just for men, so that’s always one way to go – especially when it comes to exploring fantasies and scenarios you’re curious about. But many women prefer the descriptiveness and beauty of erotica or even just a sweet, indulgent fantasy session starring their partner or a favorite celeb. There are no wrong answers here, so lean into whatever turns you on.

Experiment with different types of touch

Although every woman is different regarding the stimulation types that turn her on most, pretty much all women respond well to direct clitoral stimulation, especially when orgasm is the goal. So, whether you’re new to masturbation, start there.

Experiment with different ways to stimulate your clit. Some women prefer direct stimulation, while others find it too intense and prefer to stimulate through the clitoral hood instead. Some enjoy rubbing themselves in a circular motion, while others like stroking it from the side or something else entirely. Try different techniques, speeds, and approaches until you figure out what works best for you.

Think beyond the clit

Your clitoris may be the most direct avenue to take when you’re looking to get serious about pleasure, but it’s definitely not the only show in town. Your breasts, nipples, thighs, and stomach are also incredibly sensitive, so be sure to pay plenty of attention to them when you’re hunting for new erogenous zones.

And when you’re ready, internal stimulation is well worth exploring, as well. Use your fingers to explore your entire vulva, including the inner workings of your vagina. And don’t leave your backdoor out in the cold, either. Your anal area is packed with sensitive nerve endings that can significantly enhance and elevate your pleasure sessions when stimulated alongside your clit, G-spot, and other sensitive areas.

Add a toy to the mix

Although there’s nothing wrong with exploring your body the all-natural way, toys are too good to miss out on – especially if your ultimate goal is to get to know your body better and fully understand how it experiences pleasure. If you’re unsure what to start with, small, versatile, approachable options like vibrating bullets is a good choice.

Start by using your toy to explore the obvious places – your clitoris, your vagina, and the rest of your vulva. Then experiment with other body parts. Many women find they love how a vibrator feels against nearly any sensitive area of their bodies, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Keep exploring

Once you’ve got the hang of masturbating and discovered more about what you like as far as stimulation, technique, and so forth, look for fun ways to continue your sexual exploration. Try more different toys on for size. Seek out specific options you like the idea of, or encourage yourself to branch out even further by signing up for a toy subscription from a service like Seductive Pleasure Box.

Play to your heart’s content. Keep the fun just between you and the four walls of your private bedroom, or bring your partner on board with the fun. It’s your party, so you call the shots.

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5 Expert Tips for Pushing Your Sexual Boundaries

Whether you have a regular sex partner or are simply flying solo for the time being, there’s something to be said for figuring out what works and sticking with it when you just want a straight shot to Orgasm Town. But it’s essential to question and even push your sexual boundaries from time to time, as well.

People’s likes, dislikes, and bodies can change over the years in many ways, and challenging your boundaries ensures you’re still in touch with Pushing sexual boundaries can help keep sex fun, fresh, and exciting. And it’s a very effective way to keep yourself from falling into a bedroom rut, especially when life gets hectic. what feels best to you. Pushing sexual boundaries can help keep sex fun, fresh, and exciting. And it’s a very effective way to keep yourself from falling into a bedroom rut, especially when life gets hectic. Here are some tips for doing it right.

1.      Commit to exploring your back door

You’d be surprised how many otherwise sexually adventurous people have never explored their anal area (or their partner’s). Some are put off by it because they think of it as an inherently dirty area. Others are worried it will hurt or otherwise feel unpleasant, but none of those things is true.

Everyone has an anal area packed with sensitive nerve endings just waiting to be stimulated, so it’s well worth exploring yours. Anal play doesn’t hurt if you use plenty of lube and wait until you’re fully aroused and relaxed to try actual penetration. And dirtiness is far less of a problem than you likely realize, so try it. You won’t be sorry.

2.      Channel your hidden exhibitionist

Just to be clear, it’s crucial not to deliberately involve others in your sexual escapades without their consent, and you really want to be careful not to get caught. But getting a little (or a lot) frisky in public is an exhilarating way to push your boundaries and get far enough out of your usual way to keep things exciting.

So start looking for ways to get back in touch with your inner teenager. Try getting it on in your backyard or on your balcony after the sun goes down. Find a scenic place to park and get frisky in your car, just like you did in high school. Invest in a small, discreet, remote-controlled sex toy you can play around with in public without anyone else catching on. You’ll be glad you did!

3.      Confess your naughtiest fantasies

Although no one should ever feel pressured to do anything they truly aren’t okay with, challenging yourself to try something that makes you a little uncomfortable (in a healthy way) can be fantastic for your sex life. Sharing your most illicit fantasies with your partner (and listening without judgment as they share theirs) can be nerve-wracking but also a massive turn-on.

So definitely consider sitting down with your partner, committing to a judgment-free exchange, and swapping pet fantasies with one another. If you’re more comfortable, you can start small and build your way up to the racier scenarios. Add any that you both like to a running list you can refer to in the future when you’re in the mood to spice things up a bit.

4.      Round out your toy collection

Most people and couples these days have at least one or two go-to sex toys they like to reach for when they want to bring a little extra stimulation into the mix. (Accessible, versatile options like magic wands, vibrating bullets, and vibrating cock rings are just a few popular picks most couples have tried.) But if you’re serious about pushing boundaries more often, there’s nothing like a well-stocked toy chest to help things along.

Start with what you already have, and then make a plan for adding new items. Set a standing date with one another to shop for new toys together according to an ongoing schedule. And if life’s too busy or hectic for you to guarantee being available for that, consider subscribing to a curated monthly service like Seductive Pleasure Box. That way, all you need to do is pay your low recurring subscription fees, and a box full of new goodies appears on your doorstep every month like magic.

5.      Try boundary-pushing sex play

Some sexual pastimes were positively invented with dedicated boundary pushers in mind. Think BDSM, role reversal, role-playing, orgasm denial, and more. And you don’t necessarily need to go from 0 to 100 with something like that to get a whole lot out of it, either. You can (and should) start small and then turn the dial up a bit at a time as you get used to things and learn more about what you like.

Pushing sexual boundaries in this way can teach you so much about what you’re into sexually. And it can boost intimacy between couples by leaps and bounds, so don’t be afraid to get on board. You won’t regret it.