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How to Feel Sexier and More Desirable on Your Period

It can be hard enough to feel like yourself when you’re on your period, let alone feel genuinely desirable or sexy. But you’re only human for wishing there was a way to change that. Everyone deserves to feel their best as often as possible, and there’s no reason why that can’t include the days you’re on your period.

Thankfully, feeling sexier on your period is far from a lost cause. It’s easily achievable if you’re willing to put your mind to it. Here are some fantastic tips to get you started in the right direction.

Talk about it with your partner and friends

If you were raised to think of periods as something you never talk about, if it can be helped, then it makes sense that you might think of yours as a dirty little secret. But the problem with that thinking is it can leave you feeling like you’re all alone in not feeling your best for an entire week every month.

Feeling better and sexier on your period starts with reframing how you think of that time of the month, and communicating with people you’re close to can help a lot with that. Commiserate with your friends or let your partner in on how you feel. Give them a chance to validate you and make things better for you.

Upgrade your underwear

Although most women alter their underwear choices during their periods, so many go about it the wrong way. They reach for old panties that are past their prime, so they don’t have to worry about stains or ugly granny-style options that they hope will be more comfortable if they bloat. If that sounds like you, it’s time to invest in some better choices to reach for during your period.

Banish the idea that underwear can’t be comfortable and sexy at the same time. Picks like boy shorts, bralettes, and similar options come in various colors, patterns, and cuts, making it easy to have underwear on hand that’s both cute and easy to wear.

And for those days where you need or want to be extra careful about your choice of underwear or simply don’t want to mess with bulky or uncomfortable feminine products, there are cute period underwear options out there. These are an especially good choice for feeling more like yourself when it’s time to get into bed at night and cuddle with your partner.

Embrace period sex

Although it’s understandable that sex might be the last thing on your to-do list if you’re already not feeling very desirable, it’s one of the best things you can do to feel sexier.

For starters, many women feel friskier than average during their periods, and their partners are often as interested as ever. They just don’t do anything about it because they think period sex is gross, dirty, or somehow off limits. Sex – especially sex that results in orgasm – can also help ease any pain and discomfort you might be experiencing because of your period.

So while you never have to do anything you genuinely don’t want to do, you owe it to yourself to give period sex an honest try before you knock it. You’ll likely see that it’s no big deal. But if you’re a little nervous about diving right into sex with a partner while on your period, start by flying solo for a while instead.

Shower or bathe more often

If the main issue that keeps you from feeling sexy while on your period is the lingering impression that it’s impossible to stay clean, give yourself permission to step things up in the hygiene department. Shower more often or fill in the gaps between showers with soothing bubble baths, complete with all your favorite bath products.

Keep your skin feeling supple and soft instead of dry by following each bathing session with plenty of moisturizer and body lotion. Add a powerful finishing touch by spritzing on a bit of a favorite perfume. Be sure to choose something that never fails to make you feel pretty and sexy.

Switch things up

Sometimes all it really takes to feel sexier, more desirable, and generally more interested in sex is a little something extra to get excited about. When you know your period’s on the way, make plans to invest extra time in self-care. Treat yourself well, take care of yourself, and embrace small changes that make things easier.

And if you want to actively invest in tapping into your libido, don’t be afraid to make exploring the possibilities harder to resist with some fun new toys, bedroom accessories, or personal products to try. Treat yourself and your partner to some sexy sheets, a new sensual candle, or a specific type of sex toy you’ve always wanted to try. You’ll be feeling sexier in no time!

Sexual Health

How to Get Your Sexual Groove Back After Kids

If you’re a parent, then it goes without saying that you love your kids and wouldn’t trade them for the world. But it’s also only natural to be wondering how (and when) you’ll ever be able to get the rest of your life back on track, especially if you’re brand new to parenthood.

This goes double for couples who have trouble making their sex life a priority in the face of everything else they’ve got on their plates. One’s intimate connection with a spouse is a huge part of what keeps a person sane when life becomes hectic and stressful, and sex is a massive part of that. Here are some pointers for getting sex back on track after kids.

Spend time without the kids

Naturally, this isn’t going to be easy for people with big families or new babies, but it’s super important that every couple make it a priority regardless. And the time set aside doesn’t necessarily need to be all about having sex (although it certainly can be, if that’s what you both want). It does need to be as regular as possible, though.

Arrange for a babysitter to look after the kids once a week so you and your partner can enjoy a romantic dinner out or engage in a favorite pastime you’ve always enjoyed doing together. Log some couch time after the kids are in bed for the evening and spend it catching up on a favorite show. It doesn’t much matter what you do, as long as you’re doing it just the two of you.

Seize opportunities when they come

Even when life is crazy busy, because of kids or any other reason, there are more opportunities to connect with your partner on a deeper level than you might think. You just need to learn how to spot them and then take advantage of them when you can. In other words, be spontaneous and open to living in the moment.

Keep in mind that ways to connect don’t always need to be about lengthy, penetrative, naked sex. Deep kisses or flirty squeezes on one’s way out the door can work wonders, as can the occasional flirty text message or sexy selfie. So can a hot and dirty quickie or a blow job when you’ve only got a small pocket of time to spare.

Commit to experimenting in the bedroom

It’s not always a lack of time and opportunity that keeps couples with children from having the sex lives they’d really like to be having. Stress, body image issues, age, and similar factors related to parenthood can make it harder to let go and give yourself over to the experience on the same level you used to. Sexual ruts and routines that have gotten stale can also be issues.

But making it a point to experiment, explore, and keep things super fresh can help struggling couples get over the hump. Try making a sexual bucket list, filling it with things you’ve both always wanted to try, and deliberately scratching one thing off the list once a month or every couple of weeks.

Looking for a great way to remind yourself to experiment regularly? Try signing up for a sexy subscription box from a service like Seductive Pleasure Box. For one low subscription price, you can look forward to an expert-curated box filled with fun toys and products showing up on your doorstep once a month. All you need to do is open it up, get excited, and get inspired.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

When parents feel overwhelmed, especially when they’re new parents, it’s much too easy to wind up taking frustrations out on a partner – especially when it comes to sex. Compassion and communication are the keys to seeing your way through situations like that.

For example, moms often wind up bearing the brunt of the childcare responsibilities, become overwhelmed, and feel like they’re not understood by dads who are eager to get back to business regarding sex after kids. Meanwhile, dads can feel rejected, judged, and like they no longer occupy the same level of importance in their partners’ lives.

Prevent misunderstandings and defuse tensions before they start by communicating and talking often. Make it a particular point to talk about any sexual urges, feelings, and desires (or lack thereof) you may each be feeling. Listen to one another, and work toward finding solutions together that you both like the sounds of.

At the end of the day, getting your sex life back on track after kids is simply part of finding balance again. However, while it’s challenging, it’s not impossible. Just focus on honoring each other, honoring the beautiful family you’re building together, and falling into a new pattern that suits everyone involved.

Adult Subscription Box

How to Curate a Truly Next-Level Toy Collection

While nearly everyone has at least one or two adult toys hanging out in their nightstand drawer these days, some people see no real reason to stop there. To them, sex toys are more of a hobby to be enjoyed than a simple means to an end. They love trying different options on for size, sharing their experiences with their partners, and keeping their eyes open for even more new toys to get excited about.

If that sounds like you, then it definitely makes sense for you to be thinking of starting a bona fide sex toy collection. But what does an aspiring toy collector need to know to ensure their collection is everything it should be? Which items are must-haves, and what are the best ways to keep your collection growing without breaking the bank? Here’s a look at what to consider.

What Toys Should Every Collection Have?

As with most people who like to collect things, many adult toy collectors really want to build collections that feel comprehensive. In other words, they feel a good collection contains a little something for every mood, partner, taste, and play scenario. The following items make a great collective foundation for a growing toy collection.

Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators are immensely flexible when it comes to all the different ways you can use them. They’re perfect for solo sessions, partner play, enhancing intercourse, travel, discreet use, and so much more.

Wand Massager

Massage wands are not only hyper-powerful but do great double-duty as actual muscle massagers. This makes them a great addition to erotic massages.

Anal Toy

Every toy collection should have at least one or two toys designed specifically for anal use. Think butt plugs, beads, probes, and so forth.

Cock Ring

If you or any of your partners have a penis, this is a must-have. Cock rings are great for enhancing performances, helping erections last, and adding a little extra oomph to play for all involved.


If you and your partners love exploring your bodies and discovering new erogenous zones, a stimulator or two makes a great addition to a collection. Options include pinwheels, feather ticklers, paddles, slappers, and similar items.

Wild Card

Every collection should have a little something extra in it that breaks the mold or encourages you to stray from the beaten trail. What you include is up to you, but possible options include oversized dildos, toys in unique materials (like glass), or nipple stimulation toys.

How Should You Store Your Toys?

Although stashing a toy in your nightstand drawer or under your mattress is probably fine if you only have one or two go-to toys that you use, you’ll need a better solution than that if you’re planning on nurturing a growing collection.

For one thing, you’ll need a system to keep your toys and accessories separated from one another and protected. Some toys can react to other toys unexpectedly if the materials they’re made of aren’t chemically compatible. Plus, cords get tangled, lubes spill, etc. You’ll also need a way to contain all your toys and keep them organized as your collection grows.

Start by keeping a collection of small fabric bags on hand and storing each toy in one of its own to prevent chemical reactions and lint accumulation. Then choose a dedicated space for housing your toys. This can be as simple as a special dresser drawer or as stylish as a lockable pleasure chest made for the purpose.

How to Choose New Toys to Add

There are a variety of different ways you can go about selecting new items to add to your collection over time. For instance, some people really like their collections to look cohesive and reflect their personalities, so they may stick to a specific theme or color scheme – like an all-black or all-glass collection, to name just one example.

Others prefer an “anything goes” approach and like to leave their options wide open. They enjoy many different types of sensations, like having the option of sharing their toys with different partners, etc.

How to Collect on a Budget

Although some people might be lucky enough to have money to burn when buying new sex toys, others prefer a budget-savvy approach. After all, the more awesomeness you can get for your money, the further each dollar goes, and the more toys you can ultimately collect.

One way to do this is to watch for sales, discounts, and promotions at your favorite sex toy websites and shops, and then pick up some new favorites. Another is to sign up for a sexy subscription service like Seductive Pleasure Box, as that’s an incredible way to get several new items every month for one low price. Subscriptions are great ways to discover new things, as well. Try it and see for yourself!