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5 Ways to Stay Connected to a Long-Distance Partner

Modern technology makes it less complicated than it used to be to make a long-distance relationship work. Your partner is always just a quick message, text, or Facetime call away, so it’s never been easier to stay communicative. But maintaining a healthy connection to your partner in other ways can be incredibly challenging.

After all, intimate connection is a huge part of any healthy relationship, but keeping that spark alive when you can’t be together physically as much as you’d like calls for creativity. Here are some popular options to consider further.

1.      Start and end your days together.

One of the most powerful ways a couple can take care of their connection (whether they’re long-distance or not) is to make sure they talk every morning and every night. Just as it would if you weren’t long-distance, a quick chat in the morning helps set the tone for your day. It keeps you on one another’s minds throughout the morning and sets the tone for any texts you want to send throughout the afternoon.

And touching base again at night helps you enjoy a little alone time at the point in your day when you’re most likely to feel lonely. That’s a great time to do things like discuss how your respective days went and provide any emotional support you might need, as well.

2.      Meet up as often as you can.

Even if the two of you are great about calling and texting often enough, it’s still important to get together in person as often as possible. Every couple needs to be able to do things that just aren’t the same at a distance, like going out to dinner, making love, or even vegging out in front of the TV.

Try your best to see each other at least every two or three months. And be sure to visit one another where you each live, as well. Planning the occasional romantic getaway and meeting up somewhere exotic is fine to do occasionally. But it’s also important to take turns being part of one another’s everyday lives.

3.      Always have your next meetup planned.

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s important to be able to look forward to your next in-person meetup, even if it’s a little while into the future. Always having your next meeting date set gives you something to look forward to, as well as something to keep in mind when the going inevitably gets a little rough.

However, it’s also a good idea to be open to impromptu visits when and if one of you feels lonely or is having a hard time with the distance. The best way to reconnect when things get really tough is to arrange to see each other again as soon as you possibly can.

4.      Don’t shy away from sexting.

Although being physically intimate in person is naturally going to be anyone’s first choice, there’s a lot to be said for sexting, especially when it comes to maintaining that spark when you can’t be together. It’s not just for young couples, either.

Try surprising each other with spicy, sensual texts throughout the day when you’re on each other’s minds. You don’t need a special reason. Feeling a little randy and wishing you could touch your partner? Tell them what’s on your mind and see where it goes. Want to show off how sexy you look in a brand-new lingerie set you just bought? Surprise them with a sexy selfie.

And be sure to make plenty of time for more involved sessions, as well. Have phone sex, schedule date nights over Skype that end in spicy video play, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

5.      Send each other sexy or romantic care packages.

Another great way to stay intimately connected when you’re apart, is to surprise each other with a little something nice in the mail from time to time. You can put together personal care packages filled with items like homemade cookies, little keepsakes, and even adult toys you can use to keep things exciting when you can’t be together.

And if you like the idea of sending some sexy things for your partner to play with while you’re apart but aren’t sure what to choose yourself, try gifting them a subscription to a monthly toy box from a service like Seductive Pleasure Box. They’ll receive a beautifully curated box filled with top-shelf sex toys, fun sensual products, and other goodies to explore and experiment with each month.

Don’t be afraid to discuss some interesting ways to use the goodies together during your next in-person visit! In the meantime, you can treat each other to some demonstrations over Facetime or via some naughty pictures, should the mood strike. Try it and see!

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How to Talk Your Partner into Trying Something in Bed

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Sexual ruts and dry spells happen to absolutely everyone from time to time. Life gets busy, schedules get packed from wall to wall, and it can be tough to find the energy to be energetic and creative in bed at the end of the day. So instead, you either hold off on sex altogether for a while or fall back on what you already know gets the job done.

Before you know it, your sex life just doesn’t have that same pop that it used to. You want to get things back on track, and you can even think of a thing or two you’d love to try with your partner. But you’re just not sure how to start a conversation about it and sell them on the benefits of giving it a try. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Keep it positive and light-hearted.

Many people have the same fear when it comes to starting a conversation like this with their partner – that they’ll take a desire to spice things up a bit as a critique on their performance. But you can help reduce that possibility by keeping things positive, light-hearted, and at least semi-casual as far as tone.

Start by talking about all the things you love about having sex with your partner. Be specific about things you find sexy about them or little ways they never fail to turn you on and make lovemaking incredible for you. Then steer the conversation in a new direction by asking them if there’s anything they would like to try in bed and taking it from there.

Leave complaints out of the equation.

When the time comes to bring up your own ideas about things you’d like to try in bed, be careful how you phrase your requests. Often people wait to even begin a conversation with their partner about sex until they’re already super frustrated with something in particular, and they may not even realize it until they start talking. So, take care not to complain or approach things from a negative angle.

For instance, instead of saying, “We never have sex anymore, and when we do, it’s over so quickly,” try, “I’d love to spend one of those long, lazy Sundays in bed with you soon.” In other words, make your request by asking for the positive thing you want instead of complaining about the negative thing you don’t. Consider how you’d like your partner to talk to you about your sexual rut if the shoe were on the other foot.

Be patient with your partner.

Remember, not everyone is as comfortable talking about sex as someone else might be, and that’s okay. And if your partner is a little more reserved in this arena, you likely already know it. Keep in mind that this discussion isn’t just about you but the wonderful, intimate sex life that you share together, and be patient with them.

If you catch your partner off guard the first time you bring up the topic, and they seem uncomfortable, respect their boundaries. But do follow up on the subject another time. If necessary, ask them to suggest a day or time to discuss it. Ask if there’s anything you can do to make the conversation easier, but don’t drop the topic altogether. It’s important to be able to talk to your partner about sex and bring up any concerns, desires, or ideas you might have.

Listen in addition to talking.

Once you finally do get that conversation started, make sure you make it an actual conversation. Don’t talk “at” your partner or make the entire discussion about you. However, do float your ideas out there as far as what you’d like to try, whether that’s carving out more time to linger in bed together or trying something specific – like a small toy or some light roleplaying.

Then ask your partner to contribute a few ideas of their own. Maybe there’s a new position they’ve been meaning to suggest, or perhaps they’d love more romantic play, like sensual massages. Get some good back-and-forth going and settle on a few ideas you both like the sounds of.

Take the next step together.

Putting the pep back in your sex life if things have been stale lately isn’t just about jazzing things up in the bedroom. It’s about making time to reconnect and foster stronger intimacy, in general. Make sure you’re making your time together a priority. Surprise your partner with tickets to an event or a romantic dinner reservation at their favorite restaurant. Then see where things go.

Taking the time to nurture the romance and connection in a relationship is often the best way to get out of a sexual rut and open the door to some new activities to try together. So, get started today, and you’ll see.