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5 Uniquely Useful Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

With Valentine’s Day in the rearview mirror, peak wedding season will be here before you know it. But, of course, wedding season is about more than figuring out what to wear and juggling your invites with everything else you have on your ongoing agenda. It’s also about finding the perfect gift to give the special newlyweds in your life, especially when they’re people you’re close to.

Naturally, you don’t want to give them the same old thing everyone else will think of. (How many gravy boats does a couple really need, anyway?) And if you’re on a budget, you don’t want it to break the bank, either. You want your gift to be something that the couple will genuinely like and get a lot of use out of, too. That’s where ideas like the following make great considerations.

1.      Pick out a set of couple’s luggage.

Although people do occasionally think to present newlyweds with various items, they can take along on a romantic getaway together, luggage doesn’t immediately come to mind for many. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s incredibly useful. It’s also something the couple might not already have if they don’t necessarily travel much.

Choose something simple but stylish that fits the couple’s unique personalities and include at least one extra-handy piece (like a rolling suitcase). Great luggage that takes the guesswork out of traveling is a godsend, and the couple on your gift list will surely appreciate theirs.

2.      Plan a fun staycation.

Not everyone has the funds, time, or inclination to plan an elaborate vacation someplace far away, but that hardly means they don’t need to get away from it all occasionally. Consider setting the newlyweds in your life up with a fabulous staycation in their town (or a neighboring one) that you plan so they can relax and enjoy. Think restaurant reservations, tickets, and the whole nine yards.

Many people know their city and general area reasonably well but rarely to never get the chance to experience it from a tourist’s point of view. So not only are staycations a low-key change of pace, but they’re fun in a unique way that gets you out and away without having to stray too far from home.

3.      Treat them to a spicy subscription box.

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that keep on giving over time. Subscription boxes are all the rage these days, and with good reason. They’re wonderful ways to explore new interests and build personal collections. Plus, everyone loves getting fun things in the mail, and a subscription box gives you something to look forward to on an ongoing basis.

That said, if you have the kind of relationship with your newlyweds that allows for the occasional sexy, spicy gift, consider gifting them a subscription from a service like Seductive Pleasure Box. They’ll receive a variety of premium options guaranteed to turn up the heat in the bedroom and ensure their honeymoon period stays steamy over the months to come. Think top-tier sex toys, titillating accessories, and fun goodies that any couple would have a blast playing with.

4.      Gift them some movie passes.

The whole process of planning, anticipating, and participating in a wedding can be as tiring as it is exhilarating. And lengthy honeymoon trips can take a lot out of you, as well. Sooner or later, your newlyweds will no doubt appreciate a golden opportunity to relax, unwind, and do something low-key.

Everyone likes going to the movies now and then, so consider gifting the couple a personalized gift package that includes a pair of prepaid movie passes. (You can choose from one of the many services out there dedicated to the purpose. Or if the newlyweds have a favorite theater they like to go to, you can substitute local vouchers.) Don’t forget to spring for dinner plus a few snacks to nosh on during the film itself!

5.      Personalize a picnic set.

If your newlyweds like to spend a little time taking in the sunshine and fresh air once in a while, consider gifting them a customized picnic basket for two to make impromptu alfresco lunches a little more romantic. Not only are picnic baskets handy and elegant, but they’re the type of thing people rarely think to buy for themselves or gift to others. They’re also genuinely useful.

Buy something that suits the couple’s aesthetic. Then gift them a few special goodies to go with it. A well-rounded spread of wine, cheese, bread, cold cuts, and fresh fruit is always a good choice. So are indulgent touches like chocolates and other artisan goods.

At the end of the day, knick-knacks are all fine and dandy, but nothing beats a romantic gift that the recipient will get some use out of. So, get creative and start brainstorming!

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5 Ways to Get More Out of Using Toys as a Couple

Although sex toys are a must for swinging singles who want more out of their solo sessions, don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to retire your beloved rabbit vibe or Fleshlight once you get into a relationship. With the right partner along for the ride, you can get even more out of your favorite toys than you did before.

Toys can open a couple up to a whole new wealth of possibilities when it comes to pleasure and satisfaction. They can introduce you to brand new sensations you couldn’t experience any other way. They can bring the two of you closer together and make you better communicators. They can help you keep your sex life smoking hot, as well. Here are some tips for getting the most out of using them together.

1.      Don’t leave the lube out of the equation.

So many people make the mistake of thinking lube is strictly something to reach for when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, and they’re doing themselves a real disservice. A little lube is a wonderful way to enhance any type of play, whether it’s explicitly needed or not, and this includes anything you want to do that includes toys.

Just make certain that the lube you choose is compatible with your toys first. For instance, silicone-based lubes can be incredible if you’re strictly planning on skin-to-skin play. However, it can ruin the integrity of a condom or your sex toys. So, when in doubt, stick to water-based lubes. They’re always a perfect fit.

2.      Start slow and take things from there.

If one of you is more experienced with toys than the other, it can take some time for the less experienced person to get used to the idea, even if they’re also really into it. So start slow and take your time. If you already own some toys, consider introducing your partner to each one. Offer to let them watch you use one on yourself. If they like what they see, hand the reins over to them for a while and enjoy.

Once the ice is broken, you can start exploring some new territory. First, try using a simple, non-threatening toy like a magic bullet or a vibrating wand to stimulate your partner and let them see how it feels. Then, you can segue into using the toy on each other while you make love or during foreplay.

3.      Try a toy designed especially for couples.

Although most sex toys are relatively easy to integrate into couples’ play, you really owe it to yourselves to give a toy designed specifically for couples a try. They can be absolute game-changers, especially if you’re most interested in toys to elevate the sex you’re already having together.

A vibrating penis ring is a terrific way for both of you to get a lot more out of intercourse. So are wearable horseshoe-shaped vibrators. There are toys out there that come equipped with remote controls or smartphone app compatibility to give you even more ways to get creative, as well. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run a little wild.

4.      Go shopping for new toys as a team.

Although there’s nothing wrong with picking up a new toy on your own and then surprising your partner with it, shopping for toys together can be a great bonding experience in more ways than one. To begin with, it gets a dialogue flowing between the two of you about your sex life, your turn-ons, your fantasies, and so much more.

Plus, the experience of browsing for new toys can be incredibly hot. You get to take turns pointing out things you like to one another and talking about how you’d like to use them. And if you’re ordering online, you get to enjoy the sweet anticipation of waiting for your order to arrive so you can get down to business.

5.      Get creative with how you play.

Toys bring a lot of possibility to the table beyond the obvious, so don’t be afraid to roll with new ideas that sound like they’d be a lot of fun. For instance, mutual masturbation can be super-hot and informative, so try using your toys separately and together sometime. Waterproof toys can be terrific ways to jazz up your morning shower or make a shared evening bath even more intimate. Small, discreet toys can even make getting naughty in public a little more fun.

So don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities together because toys are more than just a great way to elevate an orgasm. They can keep your relationship spicy, make sexual ruts a thing of the past, and keep you on your toes creatively, as well. Try a few on for size yourself and find out firsthand!

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4 Things Your Guy Is Dying to Know About Your Vibrator

The days when women treated their precious vibrators like dirty little secrets are long over with. Now, it’s all the rage to be sexually confident and proudly take responsibility for your own pleasure. In fact, most modern women have either owned a vibrator before or have thought very seriously about getting one, whether they talk about it openly.

Likewise, most men understand their female partners either currently own a vibrator or have in the past. And many of those men are OK with that fact, but that hardly means they don’t have a few things they’d love to know if they could only figure out how to ask. Here are a few examples.

1.      Vibrator vs. Penis: Which Is Better?

Guys are only human, after all, so they wonder about things like this – especially if they know for a fact that their special lady uses a vibrator regularly. Even the most confident guy harbors fears about not satisfying his partner fully, so it’s only natural to feel a little intimidated by something that’s always ready to rock and roll, day or night.

So, if you know this is something your man worries about, don’t be afraid to set him straight gently. Explain to him that as fun as a vibrator can be, there’s no substitute for deep intimacy with a flesh-and-blood partner. After all, owning a pocket pussy wouldn’t ever make him tired of person-to-person sex, right? Like all sex toys, vibrators are fun to play with once in a while but not comparable to real people.

2.      What It’s Really Like to Own One

These days, sex toys are no longer considered strictly for women. More and more men are catching on to the fact that male-focused options like Fleshlights, strokers, penis rings, and other goodies can be game-changers for them, too. But not every guy has personally taken the plunge into sex toy ownership yet, so those who haven’t are bound to be curious.

Naturally, you know owning a vibrator is no big deal. It’s not something you think about all day long. And while you probably wouldn’t open up a discussion about your vibrator with your grandmother or anything, you don’t see it as a dirty secret, either. It’s just part of your life, like so many other things you own and enjoy using from time to time.

3.      Whether You Use It Every Time

It goes pretty much without saying that men are fascinated with the logistics of how women masturbate, so your guy almost certainly wonders about your solo session from time to time. And if he also knows you own a vibrator, he’s probably got questions about how often it’s part of the mix. For example, do you use it every time? And when you do use it, do you use it the same way every time?

Of course, you know that everyone’s different in this regard. Some women consider their vibrators to be solo time staples, while others are happy reaching for theirs only when they want to do things a little differently. Some women maintain entire collections of sex toys so that there’s one for every possible mood, while others are cool with having one go-to for every occasion. At the end of the day, what’s on the menu when it’s self-service time depends greatly on the person’s mood.

4.      Whether You’d Consider Including Him Sometime

Today’s men are relatively open-minded about sex and female masturbation, so they’re not entirely out of the loop when it comes to vibrators. And yes, if your guy knows for sure you have a vibrator, he’s probably spent a fair amount of time wondering about the logistics of your relationship with it. He’s probably also often wondered what it would be like to be included in your fun.

If you think that might be the case for your man, why not treat him to a spot in the middle of the action sometime? There are so many possibilities to consider. For instance, you could use your vibrator as a teaching tool and show him exactly how you like to use it. Treat him to a spicy X-rated show or invite him to take the reins himself if he’s in the mood.

Vibrators make incredible additions to foreplay and partnered sex, as well. Try using yours to stimulate various parts of his body (with his permission, of course) or wedge it between the two of you while you make love sometime. Not only will it make sex extra hot, but it will take some of the guesswork out of orgasm for both of you.

In other words, vibrators are far less mysterious in practice than they might be in a man’s imagination, but that doesn’t make them any less worthwhile. So, consider satisfying your partner’s curiosity and giving him a crash course in world-class vibrator use. You might both wind up glad you did.