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Choose the box that fits you and make your romantic life more exciting and fun! At Seductive Pleasure our Sex Toy Subscription Boxes are tailored to every couple and single around the world.

Welcome to Seductive Pleasure, #1 Sex Toy Subscription Box in the world as featured in ASN Lifestyle Magazine and loved by thousands of Couples and Singles around the world; who receive a discreetly delivered box filled with quality sex products to enjoy with a partner (or two).

Our Subscription Boxes Are For All Genders and All Sexualities Tailored To Your Specific Sexual Desires and Pleasures.

Every Seductive Pleasure Subscription Box contains Lubricants, Massage Oils, Bondage Gear, Aphorodisiacs – and – we take it to the next level by tailoring our subscription boxes to Boy/Boy, Girl/Girl and Girl/Boy Couples as well as Single Men and Single Women.

At Seductive Pleasure we specifically tailor our subscription boxes to the queer and trans community by keeping our language gender neutral and picking products that can be used by any partner!

Get Ready To Say Yes! Yes! Yes! Simply Choose Your Preference, Wait Until Your Box Arrives Each Month, Unbox and Start Exploring!

At Seductive Pleasure we believe that pleasure is far too complicated to be narrowed into two binary categories and we also understand after years of being the Best Adult Sex Toy Subscription Box that bodies are far too complicated to be narrowed down also.

How boring would sex be if we all liked the same thing?

We believe Sexual Pleasure is an adventure, whether you explore on your own with our Solo Subscription Boxes or with your lover with our Couples Subscription Boxes, we want your journey to be exciting!

Ever caught yourself wondering if you like being tied up? Perhaps bondage and handcuffs get you all hot and flustered?

Our Team of Sexperts have your sexual pleasure at the centre of everything they create for your enjoyment and with every Sex Toy Subscription Box we deliver to your door you will receive a box of mystery sex toys tailored to your gender and sexuality – and – for couples, we make it even more exciting with sex toys to explore together.

What if you change your mind or want to try something new?

We want your experience to be memorable for all the right reasons and we understand that you may want to focus on different desires and pleasures throughout your journey with Seductive Pleasure.

Being able to pick a different pleasure is as easy as contacting our Team of Sexperts and sharing your desires with them, we will then tailor your Box to your specific fantasies and fetishes so you can continue to explore.

Ready To Explore Your Ultimate Pleasure?

At Seductive Pleasure we are committed to helping singles and couples explore their fantasies in an exciting and enjoyable way.

So what are you waiting for?

Our Sex Toy Subscription Boxes could be just what you have been searching for to discover new pleasures you never thought were possible.

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Sexual Health

Top Tips For Maintaining Sexual Health and Wellness

How do you feel about your sexual and mental health? The way you feel about yourself has a big impact on your sex life.

This includes everything from your body to how you gender identify and your sexuality overall – to how you feel about your relationship and your job.

Sexual Health is something that can be maintained with regular attention just like brushing your teeth or eating healthy foods, when you do not take care of yourself the first person it will affect is you. Then it begins to affect the most important people in your life, your partner, your family and friends.

Nobody else knows what feels good to you, what worries you, or what you are curious about except you.

At Seductive Pleasure we want you to be healthy and happy sexually so we are sharing some idea to include in your solo routine.

Stay Satisfied.

Who does not enjoy masturbating? It’s a great way to stay in touch with your own body and this is very true for single people and partnered people.

It does not matter who you share your body with, at the end of the day your body belongs to you and you should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to pleasure yourself from time to time.

Taking your pleasure into your own hands is sometimes one of the best ways to explore your own sexuality and if you would rather not use your hands there are some incredible sex toys that we deliver in our Solo Subscription Boxes for Men and Solo Subscription Boxes for Women.

If you are new to masturbation, touching yourself in the shower is a great way to start a regular routine of personal sexual health. Always check in first with your body under the water and notice how you feel, then go for it!

Stay Curious.

Does your sex life feel like it is getting stale? Perhaps sex has become so routine that it is missing that spark of excitement?

If you are feeling a lack of excitement, then it might be the best time to try some new things on your own time. Solo Playtime with our Solo Sex Toy Subscription Boxes is a great starting place.

Sexual Health is all about staying in touch with your own personal desires, so if you want to try something new Solo Play is a great way to do this.

Perhaps try watching a porn video you would normally never watch, try achieving an orgasm within any toys or perhaps with sex toys – sometimes thinking outside the box is a great way to come up with new ideas!

Ultimately when it comes to Sexual Health it is about building trust with yourself sexually. What does this mean? It means that you need to pursue the things that turn you on, so be bold try new things and do not be too hard on yourself if you do not reach climax.

It all begins with being curious about new experiences.

Stay Sexually and Mentally Healthy.

By keeping your sexual health strong with regular moments for self-love, consider reading articles about sexual fantasies and taboos or listening to podcasts about sexual liberation.

Mental Health is very important too.

If you feel good about yourself, you will enjoy sex even more, so remember to take a break and connect with friends. Give some love to your body even if you do not reach orgasm.

We recommend each week, take some time out of your busy life to take care of your sexual health: stay curious, appreciate your body and satisfy yourself when nobody else is looking, unless you are into that *wink*.

At Seductive Pleasure we are committed to helping singles and couples explore their fantasies in an exciting and enjoyable way.

So what are you waiting for?

Our Sex Toy Subscription Boxes could be just what you have been searching for to discover new pleasures you never thought were possible.

Which Subscription Box Fits Your Pleasure?

Adult Subscription Box Sex Toys For Men Sex Toys For Women

How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship Right Now

If introducing sex toys into the bedroom with your partner is something that is new to your relationship or perhaps something you have never considered talking about until now, finding a way to bring up the possible use of sex toys is not the easiest conversation topic to start for many couples.

It is very normal to feel that you or your partner may feel sexually inadequate or that they are not doing the right things in the bedroom, but if you start the conversation in a positive way introducing sex toys will be a lot easier.

At Seductive Pleasure we want to help you and your partner introduce sex toys in the best way possible, so here are some of our top tips to introduce sex toys into your relationship.

1. Check For Your Partner’s Mutual Interest.

Unsure how your partner will respond to the conversation or suggestion of using sex toys in the bedroom? Do you really want to try sex toys with your partner and explore new desires you’ve always been curious about?

At Seductive Pleasure we recommend to many partners who are unsure how their lover will respond to check for their partners interest in a light-hearted way, perhaps try asking “Would you like to try some of these?” Or perhaps asking “Do you think that these look fun?” Next time you are looking at sex toys online or stumble across an ad for our Couples Subscription Boxes.

If your partner seems interested keep the conversation flowing and perhaps consider signing up to our Monthly Couples Subscription Box and try out some new and exciting sex toys together (you can cancel anytime!).

2. Reassure Your Partner That Its “NOT THEIR FAULT”.

Often we are asked by partners how they can approach their partner who they feel may respond negatively when introducing sex toys to their love making. The fear of the partner feeling they are being “replaced” with the sex toy is a common problem couples ask us about.

Another concern partners have that we are often asked about is how to handle their partner if they feel that they are feeling unsatisfied with them and seeking a way to try and make a ‘bad sex life better’.

To help you put these fears aside when discussing the possible use of sex toys take the time to reassure your partner that is nothing to do with how they are pleasuring you in the bedroom, or that you are trying to replace them rather you want to try something new and exciting with them.

When it comes to this conversation with your partner consider talking about sex toys like an opportunity, similar to travelling or going to a new wine bar together. Sure, you have your favourite places but exploring new places as a couple is exciting too right?

3. Offer To Shop For Both Of You As A Couple.

When you are shopping for sex toys, always consider what your partner may be interested in exploring. If your partner has shown they are willing to consider the idea of introducing sex toys into the bedroom, perhaps there are sex toys that they have shown interest in trying.

At Seductive Pleasure Box, hundreds of couples around the world have ranked us as the #1 Couples Subscription Box in the World because each month we send you an incredible selection of toys and accessories to try together – and – we always make sure there is something for everyone in each box!

4. Respect When Your Partner Says “NO”.

Experimenting with sex toys can be fun and they can add a lot of exciting new pleasures to be experienced together with your partner. However, if your partner is not open to the idea you should accept their decision.

If you continue to pressure your partner when they are not comfortable with the idea of using sex toys, your partner will feel you are disrespecting their feelings and them as your partner which could lead to other issues.

5. Remember, Introducing Sex Toys Is All About Mutual Fun.

Like we have discussed above, introducing sex toys into a relationship has its pro’s and con’s however if you approach this conversation delicately with your partner and they are open to exploring with you it can be exciting opportunity to enjoy even more fun together.

The chat about introducing sex toys can be awkward at first, but in the end what matters is that both you and your partner having fun and never to lose focus on the purpose of introducing toys is to bring you closer together and explore fantasies and desires in your relationship with an open mind.

Sex is fun, you want to make it more fun.

At Seductive Pleasure we are committed to helping couples explore their fantasies together in a mutually beneficial and enjoyable way.

So what are you waiting for?

Our Subscription Couple Boxes could be just what you have been searching for to increase intimacy and discover new pleasures you never thought were possible with your partner.

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Adult Subscription Box

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Subscription Box For Couples

Subscription Gifts for Couples are a great way to bring some excitement to your relationship whether you are a Male/Female, Female/Female or Male/Male Couple at Seductive Pleasure Box we have an Adult Subscription Box just for you!

A sex toy subscription is a sexy and fun way to increase your pleasure in the bedroom while introducing new experiences for both you and your partner to explore together.

So, what are 5 Top Reasons Why You Should Choose An Adult Sex Toy Subscription Box at Seductive Pleasure?

1. Enhance Your Relationship

While many people would believe that Sex Toy Subscriptions are for singles and while we do have Solo Female Boxes and Solo Male Boxes; thousands of couples around the world buy sex toys to enhance their relationship and introduce new and exciting pleasures to the bedroom.

At Seductive Pleasure we are partnered with the best Sex Toy brands and manufactures in the world providing you the best sensations for you and your partners pleasure to explore and experience together.

2. Heightened Sexual Engagement

Our Couples Sex Toy Subscription Boxes are filled with seductive sex toys for both Men and Women and we can even tailor these boxes to same sex couples to make sex more exciting.

Sex Toys during play with your partner is a great way to share a deeper form of intimacy with each other and increase sexual pleasure for each other in ways that may never have been an option without a sex toy.

3. Explore Your Wildest Desires and Fantasies

With Sex Toys you have the opportunity to explore fantasies like double penetration, bondage and more with each new subscription box delivered discreetly to your door each month filled with new pleasures for you and your partner to explore.

Subscription Boxes for Couples are a great way to bring fantasies to life and explore wild desires intimately with your partner and add a whole new dimension of fun to your love making.

4. Encourage Healthy Sex Talk With Your Partner

You should never feel ashamed to talk about sex especially with your partner and Subscription Gift Boxes for Couples are a great way to help open and start that conversation about your intimate desires with your partner.

It is common for people to feel shy about talking about sex, but sex toys are the perfect ice-breaker to help you and your partner comfortably explore with each other, making for a more stronger and healthier relationship.

Together with your partner you will start to learn and discover each others pleasures and fetishes with Seductive Pleasure Subscription Boxes.

5. For The Ladies, Sex Toys Are A Great Romance Enhancer

It is a little known fact that the ladies need the right kind of stimulation both mentally and sexually to achieve orgasm. This can be a little tricky for men to navigate and even same sex partners, as every woman responds differently during sex.

At Seductive Pleasure, we ensure that within every subscription box we provide resources, how-to guides as well as sex toys to help you and your partner experiment to help achieve orgasms together!

So what are you waiting for? Seductive Pleasure could be just what you have been searching for to increase intimacy and discover new pleasures you never thought were possible with your partner.

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