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10 Things Women Need To Know About Masturbation

We know what it is but not all of us know how to do it properly, at Seductive Pleasure Box we want to help you make the most of masturbation advice for women

Masturbation is a completely normal and healthy thing to do and at Seductive Pleasure Box we want to help women of all sexuality explore what brings them pleasure without fear of judgement and without any unnecessary concerns of taboo surrounding “Masturbation for Women”.

Surveys show that there is a large gender gap when it comes to self-love with the ladies statistics showing that only 7.9% of women between the ages of 25 and 29 masturbate up to three times a week compared to 23.4% of men – worldwide!

At Seductive Pleasure Box we are going to share with you the top ten things we think women need to know about masturbation to get the most of seductive pleasure in their personal lives and sexual relationships.

1. Masturbation Improves Your Sex Life.

Sex is somewhat like riding a bike, the more experience you have, the better you get at it. We love celebrating self-love at Seductive Pleasure Box which is why we have introduced Solo Subscription Boxes for Women to help the ladies explore their sexuality and get to know their bodies.

Getting familiar with your body and understanding what brings you to orgasm with ecstasy can help ignite the passion in your sex life and help your intimate relationships with others by guiding those moments towards bringing yourself (and your partner) seductive pleasure.

Understanding your body will make you feel more confident and this knowledge may even encourage you be more vocal in the bedroom with your romantic lovers because you know how to get yourself to climax. Did you know that masturbating actually makes it easier to climax during sex, because you learn to control your own pleasure and can easily release when you are ready!

2. Masturbation Improves Your Health.

At Seductive Pleasure Box we are committed to helping our subscribers improving both their sexual health and mental health and it is no surprise to us that masturbation can also help you with this; which is why we stock the best products for masturbation in our Adult Subscription Boxes.

When you orgasm, you release endorphins called Dopamine and Oxytocin, which improve your mood and create a natural high. These endorphins surge and relieve pain – perfect for those menstrual cramps that may strike once a month.

Orgasms are also proven to be linked to a decrease in cortisol, also known as the stress hormone and elevated levels of cortisol have been linked to lower immunity to heart disease.

3. Discover Endless Ways To Pleasure Yourself.

The limit of ways you can pleasure yourself does not exist. 

Getting creative with your hands to the infinite options of sex toys and Adult Subscription Boxes where you receive the best adult toys at your doorstep monthly with our Ladies Solo Adult Sex Toy Subscription Box, you’ll never run out of ways to have some solo fun.

We recommend that you find yourself the best personal vibrator that works for you, then consider the exploration of bedazzling anal plugs and clitoral stimulators to enhance your special toy collection, or alternatively wait for your monthly delivery from Seductive Pleasure Box.

When you’re masturbating, you are your own central focus and priority – your pleasure is your only priority, and at Seductive Pleasure Box we have a subscription box for you filled with the best adult pleasure products and sex toys for women on the market. 

Ladies, as you know you have the pleasure of many erogenous zones. This means you can pleasure yourself vaginally, anally, or a combination – incorporate your clitoris, nipples, inner thighs… explore and discover what brings you the ultimate seductive pleasure.

4. There Is No WRONG Way To Masturbate.

Your only priority when you’re in the zone and ready to go is… you.

When it comes personal masturbation, there is no wrong way to explore your body and reach climax on your own terms. We know after speaking with our happy female pleasure box subscribers that the more women explore their bodies, they more they will learn about what brings them satisfaction.

Our recommendation is to always make sure you are safe and comfortable and not harming your body in any way, as there is no wrong way to play. Remember – good sex should never hurt and the best and safest sex toys will also not strain or cause pain when you are using them. At Seductive Pleasure Box we only stock highest quality sex toys by the best brands in the world.

5. Did You Know Even Female Animals Pleasure Themselves?

You will never look at your ‘pussy’ the same way again.

Human women aren’t the only species of women that love to masturbate. That’s right – female animals have been caught scratching their sensual itch more than once, and each in their own favorite way. Monkeys and porcupines use sticks, birds bend their tails under an object, and horses rub against posts. Do you have something in common with these beautiful creatures?

6. Masturbation Is Known To Help With Sleep.

Say goodbye to those sleepless nights.

Orgasms release stress-reducing endorphins that make it easier to fall asleep. We can train our minds to associate orgasms with sleep. By masturbating and giving yourself an orgasm regularly right before bedtime, you can train your mind to create a behavioural link that triggers to your body that it’s time for a good night’s sleep. This can prompt the onset of sleep and even improve your quality of sleep.

7. Masturbation Relieves Stress.

You have heard that aromatherapy, yoga and even a nice warm bath can relieve stress, but how about a nice, sensual, self-loving masturbation?

Masturbating to the point of orgasm does wonders for stress relief, because when you orgasm, positive endorphins are released and cortisol is lowered, giving you a natural pick-me-up, and helping you to temporarily forget all the things on your to-do list.

8. Women Can Have Multiple Orgasms.

Understand and know your body and you will bring yourself closer to multiple orgasms. Even though climaxing usually means the end of sex for men, women have a shorter recovery time – for some ladies this can be under a minute. So, whether you want to go once, twice, even three times…the choice is yours.

When masturbating, you are fully in control.

9. Stay In The Mood, Even When You’re Not Having Sex.

When you are feeling down or nothing is scratching that itch for you, masturbating can help keep you in the mood until your next seductive pleasure adventure!

Masturbation is proven to keep the tissue in your vagina elastic and increase blood flow, but it reminds your brain that you are a sexual being who enjoys pleasure. At Seductive Pleasure Box we have a Solo Female Subscription Box which could be just what you need to help you connect with your inner sexual being who enjoys pleasure. The more sex you have (even if it’s with yourself), the more it’s on your mind, and the more you’ll want to explore.

10. All Positives.

As long as you stay hygienic and use your sex toys the way they are made to help you pleasure yourself, there are no risks to self pleasure, self love and masturbation. Nothing bad can happen – you won’t catch anything, you won’t get pregnant, and you won’t get any random bruising and at Seductive Pleasure Box we only stock the highest quality sex toys for women, men and couples from the world’s leading adult pleasure product brands.

So… are you ready to take your sex life to a new level of pleasure?

Whether you explore on your own with our Solo Subscription Boxes or with your lover with our Couples Subscription Boxes, we want your journey to be exciting!

So… Get Ready To Say Yes! Yes! Yes! Simply Choose Your Preference, Wait Until Your Box Arrives Each Month, Unbox and Start Exploring!

So what are you waiting for?

Our Sex Toy Subscription Boxes could be just what you have been searching for to discover new pleasures you never thought were possible.

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